Black Twitter Reacts To Dylann Roof’s Refusal To Save His Life

Charleston shooter Dylann Roof refuses to provide evidence that could spare his life and it's not being unnoticed by Black Twitter

Dylann Roof, who murdered in cold blood 9 black people in church, is one of the most despicable white supremacists in America and now he is going to get what he deserves, or does he deserve it? One thing for sure people want justice for innocent black people.

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Some disagree with the death sentence for Dylan Roof, saying it’s too quick for him to suffer, that he will die thinking himself as a martyr. He thinks that he did nothing wrong, that’s why he admits the crime.

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Some blame Christianity, labeling Dylann Roof a Christian terrorist. While Christian terrorism is real, we should not forget that he was white supremacist first and foremost and victims were black Christians.


In the end, the fact is that  Dylann Roof will get his punishment, but why does it take so long to do it? All evidence was here, but it took too long to convict a murderer. It is a white privilege, black man wouldn’t even survive a day.

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