Mushiya Tshikuka Becomes Black Mogul of the Year!

Mushiya Tshikuka with her salon and hair business becomes black mogul of the year by Black Moguls Magazine.

We made numerous attempts to reach out to Lou and the representatives of the Damn Salon to get more of a one on one with the beauty boss herself; but were not successfully able to make a connection in time for this publication. So, this story is about why we have chosen this dynamic woman to be our 2017 Black Mogul of the Year versus a live interview which should happen later in the year. At some point in time, we as Black women must come to the realization that we must find a way to work together to save our community. Reality TV is the abyss of entertainment in that there are always Black women willing to look like fools in front of the camera. But what we see too little of is women on these shows with purpose. Instead of sheer buffoonery, bring some individualized beauty and brawn to the table. We believe Mushiya Tshikuka embodies the qualities of a mogul.

Selecting a Black Mogul of the Year is no easy task. Black Moguls Magazine spends time watching people the entire year. Watching the way they move. Checking out how they deal with adversity. Making note of their achievements. Determining if they are doing good for the community. It’s a year-long all eyes on you process for the most part, with few exceptions.

To give you a strong reference point. President Barack Obama was our 2016 Black Mogul of the Year. So, those are some big shoes to fill. So, why Mushiya? Mushiya Tshikuka was born in the Republic of Congo and went to high school in an Atlanta, Georgia suburb. She learned how to do hair from her mom. She traveled the world, went to college and headed back to the ATL where she has chosen to make her dreams come true.

She is the Creative Director and Founder of The Damn Salon which has locations in Atlanta and Charlotte. She is a mother, a wife, a Reality TV Star and the boss of her own bustling empire. The Damn Salon is the premier natural hair salon in the country. Mushiya started her business wanting to
bring something new to the table for Black women. Her primary purpose is to get us back to loving ourselves. Loving our own natural kinky, wavy, curly hair, the way nature intended it to be.

The salon started in the kitchen of her home with nothing more than a comb and a very large vision. With the word spreading like wildfire she expanded to her first physical location and now a second location. Mushiya Tshikuka owns multiple trademarks to numerous natural hair techniques including the very popular Runway Curls. Runway Curls is a glamorous line of upscale 100% human Ethiopian textured natural hair extensions which has exploded since her appearance on the WE TV Network reality series, “Cutting It In The ATL”.

Runway Curls is part of a natural hair movement which has expanded around the world through a massive network of independent distributors. The movement has a tremendous cult following and is all about educating women of color on natural hair care thus giving them more optimal choices. The goal of the movement is for women to return to their natural roots therefore ’walking away from harmful techniques such as relaxing the hair which introduce dangerous chemicals to our hair, our bodies, and the environment.

According to the Global Hair Extension Industry research report, the global hair care market is an $80 billion dollar industry. Black hair care represents approximately $7.5 billion dollars of that. And hair extensions account for nearly $1.5 billion dollars in business.

Global Production and Consumption of Hair Extensions:

  • China (20%-30%)
  • USA(40%-60%)
  • EU (20%-30%)
  • Africa (0%-5%)
  • rest of the world (0%-20%)

Global Consumption Volume Market Share of Hair Extensions:

  • China (20%-30%)
  • USA(40%-60%)
  • EU (20%-30%)
  • Africa (0%-5%)
  • ROW (0%-20%)

Global Production Volume Market Share of Hair Extension in 2015 originated from Germany, yet the hair extension market enjoys its prosperity in the US. Regionally, the US is the largest consumption area of hair extension, with leading players like Great Lengths, Klix Hair Extension, Socap and Cinderella. No major Black players have dominated the game as of yet.

Mushiya Tshikuka is working to change all of this. A controversial figure in both business and activism, she has oftentimes called Black American women “lost’, but has plans to help them save themselves.  The success of “Cutting It In The ATL” has her traveling across the country opening new markets for Runway Curls which is a far cry from the typical boring natural hair styling.oftentimes called Black American women “lost’, but has plans to help them save themselves.

The success of her salons, her brand, and her movement to take on an industry where we are the biggest consumers, yet almost absent from making the money is what makes this beauty boss a true Black Mogul. When she is no: bossin’, she is making music and creating a line of beautiful Black dolls. Her voice is quite impressive and so is the newest doll. Congratulations to Mushiya Tshikuka our 2017 Black Mogul of the Year!

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