Unemployment for African-Americans still on the rise

The best state unemployment rate for blacks equals the worst state unemployment rate for whites.

All over America the dominant story during this few months is a substantive recovery that has restored a dormant job market and the corresponding unemployment rate that has brought about great recession levels.

Aside this news the rate of African-Americans unemployment is still on the rise compared to that for the whites.

According to a report on black unemployment it shows that on hourly bases during the past 15 years, black workers wages have fallen by 44 cents, while Hispanic white wages have risen by 48 cents and 45 cents respectively.

However most Africans with higher education degrees still find themselves more likely to face a long-term unemployment compared to Hispanic Asian and Whites.

Bernie Sanders made it clear and I quote ‘’For young people who have graduated high school or dropped out of high school, who are between the ages of 17 and 20, if they happen to be white, the unemployment rate is 33 percent, ‘’he said If they are Hispanic, the unemployment rate is 36 percent. If they are African-American, the real unemployment rate for young people is 51 percent’’

After a lot of arguments, majority have come to a conclusion that Bernie Sanders statement is actually true.

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