DeRay Mckesson – Baltimore’s Mayor To Be

“I ‘m running for the same reason I decided to teach, the same reason I initially went to St. Louis and Ferguson, and it was because I saw something unacceptable and said, “I have to do something about it.”- says the Obama for Baltimore.

DeRay Mckesson, a high-profile Black American civil right activist has made know to the public his intentions of becoming the next Mayor of Baltimore city. The 30-year-old Democrat brings an episode of his motivation to activism. His willingness to make a difference in the society is indescribable as he travels throughout the country as one of the organizers for the Black Lives Matter movement. In recent times, he and other top BLM organizers devoted their time to Campaign Zero, a ten-point set of policy proposal to reduce police brutality.

The people of Baltimore need a confident well-reasoned candidate, who is able to make tough decisions. They need someone who is ready to take the bullet to the brain for his people – not a politician with sugar lips. Mckesson proves to be the right choice for this position. He has already released a platform, raising more than $110,000 in just two weeks for his campaign.

Some say he is personable, others say he is intiative. What do you say?

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