Black And Disabled: Double Trouble

When will black lives matter? For just being black is an offence to the white man. How about you being black and disabled? People like these in the society get atrocious forms of neglects.

Historically, People with disabilities have been and continue to be overlooked in communities, disqualifying and denying them the rights to cultural and political resources. In some communities today, black disabled people are been victimized by some people, especially the police. They experience police brutality not just because of their color but because they’re powerless and they have special needs.  Disabled people are made to disappear from the public, only those with super powers are seen.

Regardless of age or professional skills, women with disabilities are least employed, making them vulnerable in the society. Thanks to organizations like ADAPT, which are been formed to advocate for social and economic justice for these people. In September 2015, Jeremy McDole in his wheelchair was unjustly murdered by a police in Wilmington, Delaware. What will be the end result for the ongoing investigation? Life would be a little better for the black disabled people if they were’nt been marginalized in the society.

Share the news if you think these acts should be reconsidered with immediate actions.

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