Barbara Dawson dies after cops handcuffed her and forcibly removed her from Hospital.

57-year-old Barbara died shortly after she was admitted to Blountstown’s Calhoun Liberty Hospital, after she complained of stomach pains, but was quickly discharged after seen to, with doctors claiming she was alright.

The death of another black woman last month has come to public and judicial scrutiny as family members and lawyers will sue Blountstown Calhoun Liberty Hospital and the Blountstown Police Department.

Chief Mark Mallory of Blountstown Police Department stated in a report, claiming, “she was causing a disturbance in the hospital with her language and the volume of her voice.”

Dawson’s,attorney Darryl Parks, stated that, the video which was released to facilitate investigations into the death of Barbara, clearly shows that Barbara was ignored by health officers.

No one tried or made an attempt to give a helping hand to Barbara, who was trying to get the attention of doctors that she couldnt breathe. Instead, cops were called in, arrested and charged the sick woman with disorderly conduct and trespassing.
In handcuffs, Barbara was forcibly removed from the hospital, but she collapsed and died about 20 minutes later.

Officer: No one is going to help you now, Its too late.
Dawson: Please don’t let me die here, I’m gonna die.(as she gasped ), I cant breath
Officer: Please put your hands behind your back.

Has it really become no body’s business, to give ear to a woman who is sick? This act of negligence certainly led to the death of Dawson.
Dawson’s death is an example of how blacks are perceived now in the US. No one would take her word to be true. Not even the doctors.
Nobody cares about a sick Black woman or Black people.

Till when will people take resposibility for their negligence? Because in Dawson’s case, she was murdered and someone should be held accountable.

Lets help the Dawson’s family to get justice for Barbara’s death, help share this news!

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