History is set on course in Los Angeles County as Superior Court Judge, David Herriford, today issued a bench warrant to be held for Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck.

Two Los Angeles activists of Black Lives Matter, Luz Flores and Evan Bunch, have been charged with felony and misdemeanors after trying to meet with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti at a public event last summer.

They are said to have resisted arrests from a peaceful officer and are charged with battery.

Following the court proceedings, Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles wanted to have his subpoena cancelled via the City Attorney’s Office.

It is believed that he seemingly tends to boycott his responsibility to promptly react to issues of importance exemplarily.

According to the defendant’s attorney, Nana Gyamfi, “we see this once again as the Mayor avoiding responsibility for his statements and actions which injure Angelinos especially its Black citizens. The Mayor should set an example by testifying under oath about what really happened.”

Jury selection in the trial of the two Black Lives Matter activists arrested after trying to speak to Mayor Garcetti will continue Wednesday at 1:45 p.m. in Department 68 of Metro Traffic Court Division at 1945 South Hill Street. Police chief, Charlie Becks must appear.

Regrettably, the mainstream media has utterly kept the issue out of public sight as keeping people in the now on this issue will mean victory for Black Lives Matter.

What do you think of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s actions in attempting to cancel his subpoena?
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