Black Excellence Is Around Every Corner

Some examples of Black excellence that will make you feel inspired and proud of your race.

History will be made as Star Trek cast its first ever black female lead. Widely known for her role as Sasha Williams on The Walking Dead, Sonequa Martin-Green will play a main character role which has never been done within the franchise. Star Trek is making quite a few changes one being a diverse cast and a switch up in the storyline as it will not be told from the captain’s point of view. People of color have only played supporting roles which served as a steppingstone and opened doors for other actresses.

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Sonequa Martin-Green

Television is beginning to shift as more opportunities for people of color are coming to light. It is amazing seeing this type of thing come to fruition when just months ago there was major controversy over Oscars So White. Many stories are being told by people of color for people of color. Voices are finally being heard. There is still much more growth to obtain yet it doesn’t hurt to relish in the small victories.

The show is set to premiere in May on CBS.

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Dr Adedunmola Oluwo graduated from medical school and ran four businesses during the course of her study and she’s only 24.

The Nigerian native moved to Hungary to pursue her studies at the age of 17 and that’s when she began her first business venture called Hair by Dedun. What started out as a means for extra cash resulted in making much more than anticipated.

Adedunmola then tried her hand in baking, Nigerian food catering, and being make-up artist. All of which contributed to her success as an entrepreneur. She is an example that if you want to do something all you need is the mindset and nothing can hold you back.

A children’s book entitled “I’m a Brilliant Little Black Boy” is just what young black boys need. CEO and founder Betty K. Bynum and son Joshua Drummond co-wrote a children’s book presenting positive messages to children of color who often don’t get much encouragement or support.

There is a dire need for stories to be told from a black perspective especially when the youth is involved. Children need representation and need to see in the outward realm that they have gifts and talents because of how impressionable their minds are. Whatever they see whether positive or negative they begin to believe.

“This book will teach them to believe in themselves” said Drummond.

What sort of sparked the idea for the book was the way blacks were depicted in cartoons. There was always just that one black character and nothing more. And that would propel this idea into action. While the book is of extremely high quality what also contributes to its success is the illustrations.

Brian McGee illustrated the book and complemented the authors words effortlessly because of similar thoughts and what would be the ultimate goal. A few of the goals would be confidence, self-esteem, instilling moral values, and exploration.

Black excellence is everywhere and now is the time to recognize it and be inspired. For so long African Americans have never gotten credit for the many contributions they have made to society from inventions to art. That is the very reason why it is significant to acknowledge the numerous skills that blacks are capable of. Be inspired, be proud, and be you!

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