Oklahoma University SAE Chapter Engages in Racist Chant as Tradition

Racist SAE chant was taught at national leadership event, fraternity says

In this video, a group of white frat boys singing a racist chant last year but suddenly, it was not surprising to many.

The video shows party-bound students on a bus clapping, pumping their fists and laughing as they chant, “There will never be a ni**** SAE. You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me. There will never be a ni**** SAE.”

The university cut ties with Sigma Alpha Epsilon after the video surfaced, as did the national fraternity, and both launched investigations. The university has disciplined fraternity members with punishment ranging from permanent withdrawals to sensitivity training. Fraternity officers have issued apologies. Internal investigation says that the incident was involving its University of Oklahoma chapter but was an uncommon occurrence, Inside Higher Ed reports.

According to Inside Higher Ed, the fraternity, with roots in the Confederacy, has a long history of racist incidents. In 1982, for example, the University of Cincinnati suspended its SAE chapter for organizing a racist party around Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. In another incident, the Texas A&M University chapter hosted a party that featured black face and slave hunts.

Following last year’s University of Oklahoma incident, SAE said it provided diversity and cultural awareness training to its collegiate members and hired a director to oversee implementation of its diversity program, Newsone reported.

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