Pressure Mounts After Chicago Police Admit To Killing Innocent 55-Year-Old Woman By Accident

Chicago residents went out with placards and boards asking why officers “shoot first and ask questions later.”

Early this Saturday morning, Dec. 28,2015, friends and families of the two bereaved Chicago residents went on demonstration with placards and boards asking why officers “shoot first and ask questions later.”

Betty Jones and Quintonio LeGrier were the victims. Sources said LeGrier who was a sophomore honor student at Northern Illinois University, engineering student was home for holidays. Early in the day, police responded to a domestic disturbance call of which it was noticed that LeGrier threatened his Father with a baseball bat.

According to Antonio, LeGrier’s father, he came from a family gathering and found LeGrier a bit agitated. “I heard my son banging on my door around 4:15am screaming “you’re not going to scare me”, Antonio said.

Quickly, he called the police and Jones to inform her about the agitation of the son and so she shouldn’t open her door except for the police.

Antonia said all that he heard next was a scream from his neighbor Jones after the police had arrived. A gunshot which made him run downstairs resulted in the killing of his son and neighbor Jones.

Family and friends gathered at the vicinity on Sunday afternoon with demonstration asking why the police shoot before asking questions.

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