Black Designer Creates Classy Handmade Jewelries

Kamilah Campbell, a Black designer and entrepreneur has won the heart of many jewelry lovers with her attractively designed handmade and customized jewelries.

When a woman looks good, most often, she also feels good too, according to The Grio.

Black designer and entrepreneur, Kamilah Campbell thrives on helping women do just that. Campbell launched The Pink Locket, a modern handmade jewelry line that prides itself on having quality products with a personal touch.

Campbell’s love for jewelry started began before she launched her company however. Having had an interest in designing jewelry since I was about 15 years old, she was introduced to the art of jewelry making when her aunt would take her, her sister and cousins on her many trips to the garment district in New York City.

Creating and designing jewelry has been a labor of love for Campbell, who infuses her Caribbean roots into the inspiration behind some of her product lines.

Get to know The Pink Locket through its founder Kamilah Campbell.

What year were you founded?

The Pink Locket was established in 2008, when I opened my first shop on Etsy.  It became an official business in 2014 under a sole proprietor entity and is now operating as an LLC.

What inspired you to launch your business?

The Pink Locket started off as a creative outlet to my corporate career.  It was a way for me to channel my creativity.  I became serious about the business aspect of it when family and friends motivated me to start selling my designs. Having a background in business and my corporate experience has helped tremendously with running my business.

What makes your brand/product unique?

My goal and mission for my brand is “Creating jewelry that helps women feel great about themselves.”  Each of my jewelry pieces are inspired by and named after women. Jewelry pieces are handmade by me personally.  When I’m creating a piece of jewelry I keep in mind how I want women to feel while wearing it.  I would describe the feeling as being “effortless beauty.”

Why should everyone #buyblack this holiday season?

I believe in supporting other black businesses and entrepreneurs.  African Americans have over a trillion dollars in collective buying power, however, not much of that stays within the black community.  The holiday season is a perfect time to seek out new black businesses and support them.  There are some really great products and services out there, all we need to do is support them with our dollars.

How do you pay it forward within your community?

In the past I have created specific jewelry pieces for charitable organizations, like the Witness Project of CT and the proceeds from sales of the jewelry got donated to the organization.  Additionally, I’m a huge advocate for other fellow upcoming entrepreneurs and never hesitate to share my resources and knowledge when it comes to helping another entrepreneur succeed.  This holiday season I have decided to help back a black owned Kickstarter campaign and will be donating 30% of my Black Friday sales to a campaign called Trunude.

What is your business mantra?

Know who your customer is so that you can cater to her/him and provide them with top notch service and quality products. I also listen to feedback from my customers, that has helped me to create products that they not only love, but that sells.

The Black designer and founder of The Pink Locket, Kamilah Campbell thrives on creating jewelry that help women feel great about themselves, according to PRLOG.The Modern Minimalist Collection collection will be prominently showcased and includes jewelry pieces with unique names like the Rough It Cuff, Xahria Necklace and Oh Shelia and Elle Cuffs. Each jewelry piece from the collection is name after a woman or expressive phrase that captures a woman’s fashion statement.  The Rough It Cuff was especially designed for the woman who’s a rebel and wants to make a statement, with its copper and dark patina color.

The Xahria Necklace, which means flower, is more feminine and minimalist with an “all eyes on me appeal” when worn.  Oh Sheila and Elle Cuffs were created with simplicity and edge in mind that you can’t help, but to layer them together or with other jewelry pieces.  “I’m so excited to have my jewelry displayed at such a major event, this copper collection is one of my favorites so it makes this opportunity that much more exciting,” says Kamilah Campbell.  Even a piece from her budding Men’s collection, Geometric Cuff Links, will also be on display at The Artisan Group’s exhibit.  Geometric Cuff Links have a mesmerizing look to them with its accentuated copper swirl against stainless steel look.

Hailing from Jamaica and raised here in the U.S., the favorite Black designer attributes her culture with the name of her Steel Pan Earrings, which all attending celebrities, press, media and other VIPs will receive in their swag bags. As a self-taught jewelry designer who started The Pink Locket after relocating to Douglasville 9 years ago from Stamford, CT, equipped with a BA in International Trade and MBA in Media Studies, she’s an entrepreneur who describes her jewelry as Modern Minimalist style, pulling inspiration from art, shapes, city landscapes and even customers themselves.  Each jewelry piece that is designed has the goal of “allowing women to exude their inner beauty and confidence.”  All of The Pink Locket’s jewelry collections can be found on their e-commerce site, along with style tips and jewelry care tips on their blog.

This is undeniably a motivational and inspiring story of an industrious Black woman. Black creativity at its best!

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