When Evidence Isn’t Enough

We present a strong and interesting opinion by one of our new authors, Jamara Bernard, in regards to the justice system that connects to racism. What do you think about it?

Black lives matter shouldn’t have to be uttered at all and the fact that it does further proves that our lives are not valued. I would like to believe in the justice system and that everyone gets a fair shot in life. But that is just not the world we live in.

Growing up you are taught that no one is above the law but blacks and latinos are the majority in prison populations. When whites break the law they don’t receive half of the punishment people of color receive. Clear evidence is simply not enough, it is as if black and criminal are synonymous in the eyes of the law. What really proved this was the Trayvon Martin case, there was so much clear evidence that put Zimmerman in the wrong. I am nowhere near a lawyer but even the entire country could see how simple that case was to determine Zimmerman was guilty of murder. It burns my soul that even hard concrete evidence was not enough.

That case caused so much outrage but there will be another and another until we can properly organize because we are definitely not outnumbered.

A black man can be incarcerated for forty years and after serving all that time people come to find out he’s innocent! That man will never get that time back, it can’t be bought. He missed time with his family and watching his children grow up.

I despise those people who force feed false information to children and really mess up their psyche in regards to equality and even education. That is how the cycle continues. For instance, when people go to jail it is seen as a personal act. What people fail to realize is that it is much deeper than a personal act. The justice system is all an illusion, a jury of your peers tend to be people who are nothing like you and don’t know a thing about your neighborhood. How is it fair for these people to determine the rest of their lives?

Image result for statistics of white and black people incarcerated

There are many questions we must explore. Is a settlement really going to fix anything? Or does that create the illusion that we’ve won when in reality we have gained nothing as a people? I think once we can answer some of these questions and we stand together as one we will be more powerful than we ever could have imagined.

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