Baltimore Student Slammed Into Wall By Tutor

The 25-year-old City Springs Elementary School tutor is facing charges of felony child abuse for assaulting a 7-year-old Baltimore student.

A Baltimore school tutor has been fired and charged with multiple counts of felony child abuse after a student in his care was left with a fractured jaw and two missing teeth, according to KTLA.

Trayvon Grayson’s mother says the 7-year-old suffered the injuries when the tutor threw him against a wall for acting unruly.

I looked in the ambulance and there’s my son, his face big, mouth bloody. I turned to the man, ‘I said, ‘This isn’t regular restraint,” Lateekqua Jackson told CNN affiiliate WBFF.

The incident happened at the City Springs Elementary School.

The tutor, 25-year-old Timothy Randall Korr, was an employee of the Baltimore Curriculum Project, which operates a network of charter schools around the city.

Korr said he then lost his footing and the boy “hit himself” on the wall, according to the affiliate.

He claimed that he took the Baltimore student out of the classroom because he was misbehaving and that Trayvon “hit himself” on the wall, but his mother isn’t buying it, TheGrio reports.

He can’t throw himself into the wall and fracture his jaw and lose his teeth,” she said. “He’s only 7 years old. He’s so small he’s not going to do the damage to himself.”

Larry Schugam, the executive vice president for the Baltimore Curriculum Project, said that he felt “heartsick” over the incident.

This is an unusual, isolated incident for our schools, and we are participating in a thorough investigation into what exactly happened,” Schugam told CNN. “Until that investigation is complete, the one employee involved has been suspended.”

Police said it’s not known what prompted the incident, but department spokesman T.J. Smith said nothing justified the “despicable” act, according to the Baltimore Sun. Police described Korr, who weighs 225 pounds, carrying the Baltimore student a short distance before slamming him into the wall.

Slammed so hard his body went limp,” Smith said. “To watch a child be basically manhandled like a sack of potatoes is incomprehensible.”

Korr was taken to Central Booking, where he was awaiting an appearance before a court commissioner. Korr’s attorney, Kurt Nachtman, declined to comment Wednesday.

School system spokesman Edie House-Foster said the Baltimore Curriculum Project, which runs City Springs and several other charter schools in the city, hired Korr as a tutor.

City police were called Monday by Baltimore school police to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where the boy is being treated, to investigate the alleged abuse. The incident was captured on video. After detectives viewed the footage at the Southeast Baltimore charter school on Tuesday, police arrested Korr.

Korr held a position created by the Baltimore Curriculum Project and not the school system. Korr was not hired or screened by the school system’s human resources department, as is the case with most employees, House-Foster said.

We are heartsick that this child suffered this injury,” said Laura Doherty, president and CEO of the Baltimore Curriculum Project. “We pray for his complete and quick recovery and for his family as well. This is an unusual, isolated incident for our schools, and we are participating in a thorough investigation into what exactly happened.”

House-Foster said the school system is working with the charter operator and police investigators.

The school system, House-Foster said, will “cooperate fully in the police investigation of the incident and will take any action warranted once the investigation is complete.”

Many African-American parents are naive enough to think that their kids are safe while they are out of the streets and away from the hands of police. But step by step the methods used by US officers infiltrate school corridors and classroms. Some racist teachers successfully adopt the methods used by violent officers. If these abusive teachers are not kept as far from our kids as possible the consequences may be dreadful.

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