Kanye West Needs God, Montell Jordan Says

Former R&B singer who is now a worship leader has disclosed that Kanye West is going through a spiritual battle.

Montell Jordan has extended his best wishes to Kanye West in the middle of West’s mental breakdown, according to The Grio.

Jordan told TMZ that he knows a breakdown can happen to even to the best in the business, and added that he would be more than willing to take West in and show him how best to turn to God at this point in his life, claiming that he needed God in this time of crisis.

We all have a journey in life. We’re all on a path…he’s on one as well. I wish him all the best. He won’t get the answers he’s looking for through normal means,” Jordan said. “I found my peace in god. I think he knows the lord too, I just think he’s on a tougher journey than most because he has so much responsibility on his shoulders. He’s a strong individual. It takes tough skin to do what a guy like him does.”

He added that he has faith in West and his ability to pull through.

West, the 39-year-old rap mogul, Kanye West was admitted to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, for a psychiatric evaluation on Nov. 21, The Christian Post states.While some reports claim that West is suffering from exhaustion, others believe that he might be battling a spiritual attack.

Jordan, the R&B singer-songwriter behind the 1990s hit “This Is How We Do It,” now serves as a worship leader at Victory World Church in Norcross, Georgia. When TMZ asked Jordan about ministering to West, the worship leader said he had a remedy for the rap mogul if he was willing to receive it.

I’m always available. The story I tell is an eternal story, so I’m giving him a remedy that anybody can lose it for a minute,” Jordan told TMZ. “But if he reached out I would have no difficulty speaking with him.”

This month has been a difficult one for West whose mother, Donda West, died in November nine years ago. Earlier this month, West cancelled his Saint Pablo tour after engaging in a highly publicized rant about politics and his longtime friends Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Jordan said West is on a journey in life where only God can provide peace.

I think he won’t get the answers he is looking for through normal means. It’s a tough one, honestly, because the business can do some things to you,” Jordan said. “But I found that the only peace you’re going to find is in the peace you don’t get from just regular normal types of procedures. I find my peace in God.”

I just think he’s on a tougher journey than most because he’s got a lot of responsibility on his shoulders,” the singer said. “People in the music business are strong individuals. It takes tough skin to do what a guy like him does.”

Jordan previously spoke about undergoing his own spiritual transformation when God took mainstream music away from him.

The music had to be silenced in my life for me to be able to know what God’s voice sounded like because I had made music into a god,” he told Ebony magazine. “When fame and notoriety got taken away and there was nothing else there, then I was like, ‘OK, what do I do now?‘”

In a previous interview with The Christian Post, the singer spoke about the importance of spreading the Word of God through music.

I think it’s important to spread the Word of God through music, through art, through film, through television, through every medium until all the world knows scripturally [that] every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess,” he said. “So because of that I think that it’s just important every opportunity that Christians have to be a blessing and to make the name of Jesus famous — that is the goal.

In these difficult times in the life of Kanye West, we wish him well and it’s our prayer that he recovers quickly as Black people are suffering through a hard period too and they need the voices of their brothers and sisters to fill their hearts with joy and hope.

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