Black Rapper’s Gallantry Honored By NYPD

A Black rapper from Brooklyn, Moise Morancy has been listed in the good books of the NYPD for saving a girl form sexual assault by a white man on a bus.

Brooklyn Black rapper Moise Morancy has new inspiration and a fresh outlook, thanks to an NYPD sergeant, according to the Daily News.

Morancy was honored Saturday by the NYPD’s 112th precinct for protecting a young woman from an alleged sexual assault on a Queen’s bus in October.

The NYPD presented Morancy with its Good Samaritan award after Morancy restrained a man who allegedly forcibly touched another passenger — a 15-year-old girl.

Pablo Levano was arrested in the alleged incident.

They contacted me a little bit after and said they wanted to honor me, and I was like whoa, that’s amazing,” Morancy told the Daily News.

Black rapper, Morancy, 21, said that his perception of the NYPD has changed drastically since the Oct. 25 incident.

The Brooklyn native said he had been racially profiled by the police department as a black youth.

Morancy described his first interaction with the police, when he was 12 years old.

It got real physical for no reason,” he said. “I was walking on the street and they roughed me up, and I didn’t know why.”

When he was 18, he was stopped and frisked, he said. And at age 19, he said “officers took advantage” of and “kind of hurt” him.

I had a lot of negative interactions with police,” he said.

Now he’s had a positive one, and can count a sergeant among his friends.

A hip-hop artist stood up to a pervert on a New York bus and stopped him from groping a teenage girl – only to end up in handcuffs himself, Daily Mail reports.

The unnamed youngster was sitting in the back of a Q53 bus in Queens when 36-year-old Pablo Levano sat next to her on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the NYPD Levano began speaking to the girl in English before switching to Spanish. The young girl could not understand Spanish so Levano grabbed her hand and started touching her inner thigh.

Moise Morancy was on the bus when he saw the young girl in distress.

Morancy stood up and grabbed Levano just as a fellow passenger started to film the incident.

During the video, Morancy holds Levano until the NYPD arrived.

According to the dramatic footage, Morancy tells Levano: ‘Motherf**** that touch a girl without her permission. This is what I’m going to do to you.

Don’t you ever do that s*** again, you hear me? Don’t touch her again.

When officers arrived, Morancy said: ‘He was touching a little girl and I was defending her.’

However, he was soon put in handcuffs, along with Levano until officers could adequately determine the sequence of events.

In the video, Morancy can be heard telling officers that he is a college graduate and he was helping the girl.

Officers soon released Morancy – while Levano was arrested and charged with ‘forcible touching’.

According to Morancy’s Facebook page he was finalizing his debut mixtape Chronicles of a Ghetto Rose when the incident happened.

He said: ‘I’m sitting at the back of the bus when this drunk guy gets on, saying all types of sexual s*** to this little girl sitting next to me.

At first he started caressing her hand and I saw how uncomfortable it made her. So she let go and put her hands in her pocket. He then proceeded to forcibly do it again. In the process of doing so, he hit my knee and I told him “Yo, bro. Don’t touch me.”

‘Then he started getting aggressive and saying “I can do whatever I want, you BLACK PIECE OF S***!

The police eventually came but started arresting me as well. I was so confused and felt criminalized. Why is this happening to me? I was told that I no matter what the circumstances were, I still assaulted him.

They put me in the back of the car as I tried to explain myself. He sexually harassed this child! Shortly after this black police officer who was the Sergeant opened the door, congratulated me and ordered to release the handcuffs.’

This is it! This is who we are! We stand for justice and equality. The Brooklyn Black rapper deserves applause for standing out to defend a vulnerable young girl who was being sexually harassed by that shameless white pedophile. He has exhibited the true Black culture. This is an inspiration to other Black people not to be mute and do nothing in the face of systematic racism.

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