Baltimore Teacher Fired For Racial Slurs

A video gone viral shows a sickening scene of a white Baltimore teacher insult and call her group of Black students ‘N*****s.’

A Baltimore teacher has been fired a day after a video surfaced showing the educator call a room full of black students a racial slur, The Huffington Post states.

 “Get out of my class,” the teacher ― who has not been identified ― can be heard yelling to the student. Less than a minute later, she begins berating her other students, threatening to give them zeros on their assignments and using racist language.

You’re idiots!” the teacher shouts. “You have the chance to get an education, but you want to be a punk-ass n****r who’s gonna get shot.”

Students in the classroom react audibly, and one asks the teacher to “stop saying that.”

You’re stupid, you’re stupid,” the teacher continues shouting. “Learn something, be a man.”

Thankfully, the whole incident was captured on video and the teacher has since been fired, according to the Viral Thread. The unnamed science teacher, who worked at Harlem Park Elementary School, can be seen yelling aggressively at her class after throwing a student out of her classroom for bad behaviour.

The video, first posted on Facebook by a student’s shocked mother, has since gained a staggering 3.8 million views. Head over to the next page to watch it for yourself, but please be aware that it contains content that may be offensive to some viewers.

Baltimore school officials confirmed that the incident happened Tuesday at Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School in West Baltimore and said the teacher, whom they did not identify, has been fired, according to Baltimore Sun. The school is mostly Black; the teacher is white. The video has been viewed online more than 1 million times.

The Baltimore teacherengaged in verbally abusive behavior and made racially charged comments directed at students,” the system said in a statement Thursday.

Baltimore schools CEO Sonja Santelises said later she was “appalled” by the video, which was brought to her attention Wednesday. She said after watching it, she had the teacher dismissed.

“In the current climate, we at city schools are very, very clear about where we stand with hate speech, any kind of obviously discriminatory language,” Santelises said.

She said she did not believe the video illustrated classroom management problems or a lack of support for teachers.

There are many people who struggle with classroom management, but they don’t resort to hate language,” Santelises said. “We can’t provide enough support to counteract what’s in someone’s heart.”

Santelises said the teacher was a second-year science teacher hired through the Baltimore City Teaching Residency program, an alternative certification program the school system has used for years. She noted that BCTR teachers have a mentor in their classrooms for the first half of their first year and receive continuing support and training — including diversity courses, which Santelises said this teacher had completed.

It reminds us that we have to be vigilant and proactive about making sure people understand that we value diversity and are intolerant about intolerance,” Santelises said.

In a statement, the Baltimore Teachers Union said it “condemns the language used” by the teacher.

The union stands together with Baltimore City public schools in supporting respectful and equitable learning environments for all our students,” the statement said.

The one-minute video shows the teacher grabbing a male student by the hood on his jacket as she yells at him to leave her class.

She turns to the rest of the class and screams, “Who else needs to freaking leave?”

The Baltimore teacher continues to yell at the class, saying she had given them classwork to do.

You are getting zeros for doing nothing,” she says, as one student stands next to her with a computer.

Students in the video appeared visibly stunned.

City Council President Bernard “Jack” Young tweeted about his disappointment in what he saw in the video.

It turns my stomach to think about this woman in front of a classroom of impressionable young minds,” Young said. “There’s zero tolerance for adults who violate our young people. That video is proof that we have more work to do as a city and a country.”

Such ignorant bigots have no place in the education system and the society as a whole. Unleashing her abhorrence for Black people on those innocent kids is highly unacceptable. Though she is fired, further legal actions should be taken against her. She deserves to be punished for her irresponsible action.

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