DeRay Mckesson, 30, has set to work by revealing how he intends to perform if elected to lead the great city of Baltimore.

The city of Baltimore is set for a “radical transformation” as DeRay Mckesson, a former school administrator, unveils his extensive plans on education, youth development, safety and community prosperity.
He plans to release five additional pieces of the platform in the coming weeks.

He has, unsurprisingly, gained the love and trust of the people perhaps due to his clear pathway to the future. In just 9 days, he has raised $77,000.

According to the mayoral aspirant, “prosperity acceleration occurs when we commit to an economic development plan that partners with our city, its residents, and is invested in the long-term success of Baltimore.”

His firm readiness to confront the contemporary problems in Baltimore City with a wide-range of plan has awoken the conscious of all and sundry of the present-day issues battling the city.

Mckesson linked economics and education. He highlighted the foremost needs by explaining that “for our kids to go to school they must be alive and for adults to work they must not be in jail.”

He hopes to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour and also has plans for dropouts, ex-convicts and impoverished citizens.

Mckesson also wants to eliminate policing methods that have killed black men nationwide –such as illegal chokeholds and “rough ride.”

In a statement, earlier this week, he said, “the reality is, people, I’ve ran for what? Five days or something? And people are expecting the world. And we plan to deliver it, people have been running for a year and have offered no plans, right? Literally none. And that is wild to me.”

The race for the Mayor of the city is cluttered with 29 candidates, one of whom will replace the incumbent Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

It seems someone is out to clean up the mess after all!

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