Institutional racism: an Exposé on the FBI

It is astonishing why the FBI continues to do nothing about the blatant institutional racism being practiced in the American law enforcement.

How sad is it that the mere existence of an African-American living in the United States is now being reduced to a hashtag. Each passing day, our media and social networks get flooded with the news of police brutality, police shootings or killings of  Black people. The fact that institutional racism is at play in the law enforcement is obvious. But the particularly surprising thing is the reluctant attitude of the FBI to the necessity of stepping in and investigating the matter in order to bring some sanity to the police force. Could it be a form of conspiracy to eradicate Black people? We found the most reliable information to enlighten you on the possible intentions of the FBI. Read further to know more.


The United States has been plagued as of late by the numerous killings of Black Americans at the hands of police. From the 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, to Deborah Danner, who was gunned down by an NYPD officer during a schizophrenic episode last week, there seems to be a new hashtag commemorating a life lost every other week.

Tensions between law enforcement and communities of color have festered for decades, but FBI director James Comey begs to differ.

According to PBS News Hour, Comey asserted last week that due to the lack of hard data on police use of force, there’s no way Black Americans can assume that institutional racism plays a role in policing particular communities. In reference to public outcry over recent killings of Black people by police, the FBI director also said “the absence of good information” is only feeding the growing sentiment that police target communities of color.

“That is the narrative,” Comey told attendees of the International Association of Chiefs of Police last Sunday. “It is a narrative driven by video images of real misconduct, possible misconduct and perceived misconduct.”

But this is where Comey gets it wrong. Racial bias in law enforcement — specifically the presence of white supremacists in law enforcement — has been a major concern of the FBI for decades. In fact, 10 years ago this week, the agency warned of the consequences of white nationalist groups infiltrating local and state police agencies, PBS News Hour reports.

An FBI memo published in 2006 described the efforts of white supremacists and skinheads to infiltrate law enforcement and interrupt investigations into fellow members while recruiting other white nationalists. Officials voiced concern over the threat of white supremacists in law enforcement, noting that members had access to “restricted areas vulnerable to sabotage” and public officials who might be “potential targets of violence,” according to the news site.

Despite these facts, the FBI has remained largely quiet on the growing issue at a time when Black men and women are seemingly being gunned down by police on a weekly basis.

Many people in these communities of color feel they have been the subject of police violence for decades,” said Samuel Jones, professor of law at Chicago’s John Marshall School of Law. “And when an officer engages in conduct that adds or enhances that divide, they are ultimately jeopardizing the integrity of their agencies and putting their fellow officers in danger.

Instances of white supremacists hiding behind the badge and shield have occurred since the FBI’s report was released a decade ago. Atlanta Black Star reported in 2014 that three officers — including a deputy police chief — from the Fruitland Park Police Department in Florida were discovered to be loyal members of the Ku Klux Klan. A year later, a police officer in North Carolina was fired after a photo of him giving a Nazi salute was posted to Facebook.

Since then, police agencies across the nation launched investigations into officers who may have been members of recognized hate groups and/or faced accusations of racially charged misconduct, according to PBS News Hour. But some are still skeptical of government efforts to weed out potential troublemakers.

Virginia councilwoman Angelia Williams Graves expressed her thoughts regarding undercover racists in law enforcement during an annual NAACP luncheon last month, asserting that the bigots of today have rid themselves of their white cloaks and hoods in exchange for “police uniforms, suits and ties and robes.Read more.

I guess some excuses may be too ridiculous to make. How can such a well-equipped security agency as the FBI mention that lack of data is the reason they haven’t been proactive coping with police brutality against Black people? This is a moot  excuse. when they ned to track down  Black activists, they  easily get the data required to carry out their mission. But here they have just decided to turn a blind eye on the happenings. This looks more like an effort to condone institutional racism in America.

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