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Rachel Constant is an activist who uses social media to promote Blackness.

The dark skin color has received an unwarranted share of stigmatization for several centuries. Without people even making an effort to get to know us, they associate us with negativity and stereotypes. This is also part of the reason why an unfair number of Black young men and women are incarcerated everyday, some for very trivial infractions and some others, for crimes they haven’t committed. How can we effectively fight this negativity associated with the Black skin? For some, bringing attention to the many positive creations that Black people have made and showing the beauty of Black women, and girls, helps to create an awareness that we also have a lot to offer society. Rachel Constant runs a series of blogs and social media accounts where she promotes Blackness, the feeling of pride in one’s Black skin color. Going through her social media, one is sure to have a mind-changing tour into unexplored Black talent and beauty. Today we find out about the motivation behind her work on Your Voices.
Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Tell us about yourself and why you decided to make your blogs.
Rachel Constant
Well, basically I just wanted to share the beauty of Black girls, but when I started, I started to become more active with activism and talking about Black lives and police brutality, and all the other stuff.
Your Twitter and Instagram accounts, are they just for fun or do you make any financial gains from them as well?
Rachel Constant
No, no financial gains. They’re just for fun.
I’ve seen that you’ve promoted some stuff made by yourself and some stuff by your friends. Can you tell us more about the things you advertise on your page and what inspires you?
Rachel Constant
Basically, I’m all about Black-owned brands, so if there are some smaller brands out there that are trying to get out there, I try my best to help promote them so that they can continue to grow. I feel that Black-owned companies are underrated and people look at them as if they’re nothing. But there are a lot of talented people that make amazing products or clothing and I think that they deserve more recognition.
What do you think about the national trend of LetsBuyBlack which calls on Black people to ignore white-owned businesses and shop from Black-owned businesses? Do you feel like you’re involved in this trend?
Rachel Constant
We do need more support, because the world is majority white-owned businesses and we have so many talented Black entrepreneurs that are not getting the recognition that they deserve. And do I think that’s ok? Yeah, I think it’s ok if you want to support Black-owned businesses. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy from white-owned businesses but I don’t think you should dismiss a Black-owned company simply because they’re Black-owned.
Do you think that this trend is going to create some kind of separation or divisions between Blacks and whites, because, well, independence is going to give us our power, but people could also say that trying to buy from ourselves and trying to grow our own economy is going to create some kind of divisions between us. What do you think?
Rachel Constant
There have already been divisions. If you go back a couple of years, we couldn’t even get stuff from white people. We had to create our own stuff, our own schools, our own businesses, so we help one another and we support one another. If there are divisions, the divisions were always there. This may fuel it, but I don’t really think so.
You talk about being an activist. Do you support any Black rights movements?
Rachel Constant
Yeah, I’m all about the Black Lives Matter movement. I support it a hundred percent.
Have you taken part in any protests and marches yourself?
Rachel Constant
No, there haven’t been any protests around me, so I haven’t really gotten the opportunity to.
Have you seen Luke Cage? What do you think about it?
Rachel Constant
I love Luke Cage. I think he’s amazing. A bulletproof Black man, that is the American police’ nightmare, and I think the symbolism behind it is just beautiful.
Personally have you faced any kind of violations of your rights because you are a Black girl?
Rachel Constant
No, I haven’t gone through anything.
What do you want to say to our readers? Any parting words?
Rachel Constant
Stay Black! I just think that they should just follow their dreams and not let this society hold them back because they are African American, and especially African American women, I know that it’s hard for us out there. So just work hard. 

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