Police Shooting: Video Revealed Jay Anderson Didn’t Hold Gun

The lawyer for Jay Anderson’s family has disclosed that the deceased never pointed a gun at the officer prior to the police shooting which caused his death.

They kill our brothers and sisters and then try to cook up stories to justify themselves. The death toll of Black people murdered by police officers continues to be on the rise. Jay Anderson is another Black-American who was shot dead by some Wauwatosa police officials. Police shooting was flooding the news. Recently new details of the incident  saw the light. We have put together the actual story using the following sources:


The attorney representing family members of a man who was shot by a Wauwatosa police officer says dash cam video enhanced by the Wisconsin Department of Justice raises more questions about what led to the police shooting.

That he raised the gun, touched the gun or pointed it, there is no evidence of that I can tell you,” said attorney Jonathan Safran, who is representing the family of Jay Anderson Jr.

Anderson, 25, died in June after being shot while seated in his car overnight at Madison Park.

His survivors want the video released to the public and have maintained that while there was a gun in the car, Anderson never threatened the officer with it

There’s only one side to this story and that’s the police officer’s side, we have to do what we have to do to speak for Jay,” Anderson’s mother, Linda Anderson, told WISN 12 NEWS last month. Read more.


Jay Anderson’s family has fought for answers since his death four months ago. Anderson was killed by an officer at around 3am on June 23d, after his car was deemed suspicious. That officer has been identified by Anderson’s family as Joseph Mensah at several protests they’ve held in the suburb.

The Anderson’s have marched through neighborhoods, Mayfair Mall, and before Wauwatosa’s police station. They’ve received support by numerous activist groups as well as normal residents as time passes. Very few details have been released regarding Anderson’s death, and only now are official updates surfacing. In the meantime, the Anderson family reports ongoing harassment, intimidation, and surveillance by police.

According to them, Jay was shot 13 times, 4 of which struck him in the head. Though Chief Barry Weber initially stated he didn’t know why the officer was afraid, it was later suggested Anderson possessed a gun.

It was eventually determined that footage was indeed captured that night, though just 20 seconds. Anderson’s parents-Jay Anderson Sr. and Linda–were invited to the District Attorney’s office to view that footage. They later reported Jay held his hands high before he was shot by Mensah. In an interview with Cop Block contributors, Jay Sr. and Linda stated when backup arrived, all their squad cameras cut off simultaneously.

Most details disclosed have been unofficial, coming directly from the family. They released information out of desperation, because WPD simply wouldn’t provide answers. Residents who initially backed Tosa PD waned their opinions, as suspicions grew. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson say they haven’t met Chief Weber in person. Instead, Weber allegedly sends his lieutenants, who are notably ruder to them than Milwaukee PD officers.

Wauwatosa PD has also denied several FOIA requests related to the case, including from Cop Block. Contributors have filed several open records requests, the last regarding Mensah himself. The request asked for the most recent FOIA requests regarding Mensah, all of which were for OIS (Officer Involved Shooting). The first of these requests was filed days after Anderson’s death, and the last following a protest. By providing these details, WPD all but confirmed Mensah is at least a key player in the shooting. An “attorney close to the case also recently disclosed officers didn’t document the weapon they said was in Jay’s car. His parents told contributors during a interview that WPD allegedly didn’t even photograph the gun. In fact, according to MJS, the weapon was moved from the car before photographs were taken. According to the family, Jay legally owned the gun and didn’t point it at Mensah.

Dash footage from that night was sent to the DOJ (Department Of Justice) for enhancement for more detail. “It was not conclusive of anything”, says attorney Jonathan Safran, “but it does allow for a better understanding of some of the movements inside the vehicle. I believe it helps us know that Jay Anderson never appeared to touch, raise or point the hand gun that was allegedly on the front passenger seat of the vehicle.”

Officer Joseph Mensah was allegedly involved in a shooting last year involving a man brandishing a sword. It appears that Mensah didn’t receive psychological care after the shooting, and was quickly reactivated. The Anderson’s say Mensah switched departments three times in five years, the last being Tosa. They also claim WPD denied him disability after last years shooting. During a protest at Madison Park, where Jay died, his fiancé stated park workers were routinely harassed by Mensah all summer.

However, is it viewed as a “whole” when the only narrative available is that of the departments? A narrative which, obviously, is crumbling quicker than the suburb itself can handle. For the longest time it was suggested Anderson threatened the officer with a gun–that’s now false. Initially, WPD Chief Barry Weber stated he didn’t believe that footage was captured, that’s also false. While the only known 20 second clip shows Jay with his hands up, eight whole minutes have been reported “missing” from that night. How much of the narrative fed to Wauwatosa’s residents is, in fact, false or suspect?

Concern over the police shooting has even spread to Tosa politicians, including the mayor. Cop Block contributors emailed Mayor Kathleen Ehley to get her comment on the case. When contributors spoke with the Anderson’s, they’d claimed the mayor had been asked by unnamed police officials to remain silent on the case. Read more.

How can we attain freedom, equality, and justice when the law enforcement itself is fighting against these things? Police shootings and other forms of abuse of power have become too rampant in the U.S.A. Every now and then we see the  news about a Black person killed by the officers. Moreover, they usually hide the truth surrounding the case from the public in order to cover-up their crimes against Black people. It is important that such truths are revealed and culprits exposed.

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