Student In Blackface Photo Suspended From University

The Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity has suspended its chapter at the University of Central Arkansas and one of its members expelled.

A white student of the University of Central Arkansas has been suspended for a bad taste joke he made during a Halloween party on Friday. The student, whose name was given as Brock Denton showed up at the party with a Blackface and wearing a Bill Cosby sweatshirt. A gesture he made to make a mockery of the Black-American actor. After the photo surfaced on the internet, many have criticized and condemned the racist act by the student. We have searched and brought you carefully selected sources to accurately inform you about the incident. Read further to know more.

The Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity suspended its chapter at the University of Central Arkansas and expelled one of its members Saturday after a photo surfaced of that member in apparent Blackface.

Steve Latour, the fraternity’s CEO, held an emergency call with Sigma Tau Gamma’s board of directors Saturday afternoon, the fraternity said in a news release. Latour asked that the member be expelled from the fraternity, and the board agreed unanimously.

We just have zero tolerance for that type of behavior,” said Latour before calling the board. He found out about the photo around 1 p.m.

The photo, a screenshot from an Instagram post, shows a man in a Bill Cosby sweater with what looks like black paint covering his face and neck. The Instagram location is listed as “Sigma Tau Gamma — UCA” and the caption reads, “It was a bold night.”

The man with the covered face is pictured to the right of two other men who are also members of the chapter, the release said.


The fraternity says his costume was supposed to be ‘Bill Cosby.’ The chapter said Denton was asked to wash his face when he arrived, and he complied.

However, a photo was taken before he removed the paint.

He then posted the picture of himself in the costume and two other students to Instagram with the headline ‘It was a bold night.’ Read more.


The student, sophomore Brock Denton, said online he is “scared for my life” after facing death threats for the controversial costume.

Denton privately posted a photo on his Instagram page last week showing him in blackface and a Cosby-style sweater, standing with two other white men.

He wrote with the photo, “It was a bold night.

Denton’s frat, Sigma Tau Gamma, held its Halloween party on Friday, according to The Echo student newspaper.

The school immediately cracked down, expelling Denton and suspending the campus’ Sigma Tau Gamma chapter, pending an investigation into the post.

This picture is highly offensive and repugnant, and this representation goes against all we, at UCA believe in and stand for,” university President Tom Courtway said in a statement.

After his expulsion, Denton begged for forgiveness in a lengthy Instagram post filled with syntax errors.

I have been sent death threats, threats to burn my house down. I am scared for my life,” he wrote.

“I am the farthest thing from discrimination (sic), as a matter of fact I fight for equality everyday, I’ve been writing a book for the past two years on what it really means to be a good person.”

He also blamed social media for creating a “corrupted society in regard to heated controversial topics such as this.

Please except my apology not because of me but because of the sake of this great nation (sic),” Denton wrote.

Denton has since deleted his Instagram page. He did not immediately respond to a Facebook message from the Daily News. Read more.

The issue of racism is too sensitive to be used as a joke. It is about time these white folks learn to accept that reality. The fact that they aren’t the worst affected by racism doesn’t guarantee them the right to mock Black people.  There should be stricter punishment for offenses such as this so that it will serve as a deterrent for others. Too many times, students have been involved in racist acts or the other and this is alarming. What kind of society are we building for our country? People should be totally forbidden from indulging any act that could have a racial implication, be it wearing of Blackface or any other form of mockery. Will there be further punitive measures taken against Denton? We will continue to follow the story and bring you all updates as at when it comes in.

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