White Privilege: Shilo Murphy Speaks About Mass Incarceration

Shilo Murphy sheds light on mass incarceration and the white privilege behind drug crimes.

The mass incarceration of people of color has been high for a long time by now. The unfair treatment of Blacks in the system has resulted in an overwhelming number of African-Americans put behind bars with unusually long sentences for both major and minor crimes if we compare those to the terms white folks get. Shilo Murphy enlightens us on how white privilege allows whites to live freely in the society and not be targeted by police. We have got more information on this from a consistent and trustworthy source:


The Root

White Privilege is unfair and mass incarceration is a crisis. Mass incarceration is a capitalist and racist endeavor that has purposely targeted Black and Latino communities through discriminatory policing, bigotry framed as legislation, and a deep-seated fear of blackness and “otherness.” This system is, in large part, fueled by mainstream media for the sole purpose of pathologizing black and Latino people until trapping them in cages is normalized in the nation’s consciousness.

See just a few of the stats below:

-One in every 106 white males age 18 or older are incarcerated; 1 in every 36 Hispanic males age 18 or older are incarcerated; 1 in every 15 black males age 18 or older are incarcerated.

-African-American women are three times more likely than white women to be incarcerated, while Hispanic women are 69 percent more likely than white women to be incarcerated.


-Marijuana use is roughly equal among blacks and whites, yet blacks are 3.73 times as likely to be arrested for marijuana possession.

-Despite using and selling drugs at rates similar to those of their white counterparts, African Americans and Latinos (pdf) make up 62 percent of those in state prisons for drug offenses and 72 percent of those sentenced for federal drug trafficking offenses.

-Despite making up only 15 percent of the juvenile population, black juveniles are arrested two times more often than their white counterparts.

-African Americans serve virtually as much time in prison (pdf) for a drug offense (58.7 months) as whites do for a violent offense (61.7 months).

The racial disparities increase with the severity of the sentence imposed. The level of disproportionate representation of Blacks among prisoners who are serving life sentence without the possibility of parole (LWOP) is higher than that among parole-eligible prisoners serving life sentences. The disparity is even higher for juvenile offenders sentenced to LWOP, and higher still among prisoners sentenced to LWOP for nonviolent offenses. Although Blacks constitute only about 13 percent of the U.S. population, as of 2009, Blacks constitute 28.3 percent of all lifers, 56.4 percent of those serving LWOP, and 56.1 percent of those who received LWOP for offenses committed as a juvenile.  As of 2012, the ACLU’s research shows that 65.4 percent of prisoners serving LWOP for nonviolent offenses are Black. All these facts point to white privilege, which sees people of color suffer cruel fates.


The system is not broken and it never has been. It is killing, incarcerating and criminalizing anyone who fits the description. We will also be sharing informative graphics across our social media platforms. It’s time to dismantle mass incarceration—and the purposeful mass criminalization that fuels it. See more

Racial disparities in policing, judging and sentencing plague the U.S. criminal justice system. White privilege persists even in when the crimes are committed and the cases are solved and even then white people manage to exploit Blacks to their own profit.  If we look carefully at the stereotypical images and descriptions of criminals we’ll see they are purposefully created through exaggerating Black crime and demeaning white delinquency. The system protects white criminals and it is unlikely to change – the state of affairs is profitable for white officers, judges, and lawmakers.

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