‘I Think I Hit a Person’ – Cop Driving Twice the Limit with No Lights on Instantly Kills Pedestrian

A recent highly dramatic dashcam video released from a police cruiser shows a female pedestrian being hit to her death while crossing the street

Kimberly Bedford, 48, was crossing the road about 9 p.m. and an over speeding police car hit her and she died on the spot. According to witnesses, the police car was speeding, and had neither lights nor siren activated.

“I need an emergency unit to my location. I think I hit a person,” Benton Township patrol officer Eugene Anderson informs radio dispatchers on the video just moments after the sound of smashing glass and a loud bang is heard as his police cruiser hits a woman.

Berrien County Prosecutor Michael Sepic ruled that while Bedford did violate pedestrian rules by stepping into traffic, Anderson was still to blame. “We’re not here to judge his whole person,” Sepic said, according to the Herald Palladium. “If an officer chooses to speed without lights and siren, then he has to accept responsibility for his actions.”

After a tit for tat battle in the courtroom, the formal patrol officer was found guilty of killing a woman and faces up to only a year in jail. Meanwhile, his sentencing date is yet to be set.

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