Police Surveillance: Unseen Danger Of Peacefully Protesting

Activists against police surveillance claim that social media analytics platform Geofeedia had been feeding information from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to law enforcement to target activists of color.

By our new author TheGod Tony

On Sept.21st, during the second night of the three day protest of the murder of #KeithLamontScott in Charlotte, North Carolina many people agreed that their Facebook Live video uploads were in fact scrambled.

“I knew somebody was watching me. I knew somebody other than me had access to my phone.”

Video glitches and weak signal reports while recording what began as a peaceful protest was noted. A company who created an app designed to fully access all video footage of the protest recently came under fire.

The app used is called Geofeedia a Chicago-based company that analyzes social media posts to deliver surveillance information to 500 law enforcement agencies.

The app allowed collected information on peaceful protesters and to make matters worse, it also made it easy for Law Enforcement to target certain groups. Facebook accounts have been shutdown and alot of the information obtained from online posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube also gave specific geographic boundaries by using key word searches for hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter #HandsUpDontShoot #NoJusticeNoPeace and #ImUnarmed to name a few.

This email was sent by Geofeedia to the San Diego Sheriff (Source)

Facebook and Instagram cited their end in their arrangement with Geofeedia on Sept. 19, although the site had full access on the night of the 21st. A petition to obtain in full detail of the footage forwarded to Law Enforcement should be made public. The videos obtained by Law Enforcement could endanger the freedom of those who peacefully protested who may be unjustifiably searched and more than likely harrassed on future unrelated occassions.

Being that these sneaky apps are created, the makers as well as the administrators should face possible charges and the court dates of those who did so should be made public.

Community Control Over Police Surveillance

Author: TheGod Tony

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