Colorado Springs Police Handcuff Two Black Brothers For No Given Reason

Two Black brothers were handcuffed by Colorado Springs police in a traffic stop for ‘driving while Black’.

The City of Colorado Springs and the Colorado Springs Police Department are facing a federal civil rights lawsuit over a March 2015 encounter, whereby two Black brothers were pulled over by the police in a traffic stop and handcuffed for driving while Black.

The American Civil Liberties Union stated that the encounter was an obvious case of racial profiling in a lawsuit filed on Wednesday in Denver U.S. District Court. One of the two men in the car took a video of the incident.

“A police officer has pulled us over for no reason,” Ryan Brown said in the 2015 recording. “I’ve got this on camera.”

The video shows the Colorado Springs police officers pointing their guns at the men before one of the officers pulled Brown, who was in the passenger seat, out of the car; threw him to the ground and eventually handcuffed him.

“I don’t know how I would’ve responded either if someone had a gun drawn at me,” said Denver Urban League CEO Sean Bradley.

Bradley stated that the police should have given an explanation to the brothers, telling them why they were being pulled over in the first place. Due to a mild scuffle between Brown and the officers, he was charged with obstruction, but it was subsequently dropped.

“What happened to those two young African-American men would not have happened if they were, instead, two young white men,” said ACLU attorney Mark Silverstein, who is representing the brothers.

Colorado local news reported that after an internal police investigation of the encounter, the officers were said to have done nothing wrong, as their actions were justified, legal and proper. However, Bradley has since stated that supporting the officers in these types of circumstances is a cultural problem affecting police departments across the country.

“There has to be some cultural competency measures in place so that police can understand how to relate to people who don’t look like them,” Bradley said.

The thoughts of kicking inequality out of our society seem farfetched if police officers continue to racially profile Black people. The shocking encounter would only leave you with the thought that police officers just hate and disrespect Black people.

Source: Aol
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