Dreadlocks Teen Sacked From Job On First Day

Movie theater company, Marcus Country Club Hills Cinema has reviewed its dreadlock policy after Tyler House was sent home for having a dreadlocks hairstyle.

Institutional racism still takes a firm root in the American system. Many Black people are faced with various racist treatments at their workplaces. The latest to be disallowed to work because of her hairstyle is 16-year-old Tyler House.

After the federal appeals court ruling in favor of an Alabama company which dismissed a worker because she wore dreadlocks, Tyler House has also faced a similar ordeal. The 16-year-old Black teen after passing an interview was disallowed to start work because she had a dreadlocks hairstyle.

According to House, the Marcus Country Club Cinema’s manager called her upon seeing her hairstyle and said, “Dreads are not allowed.”  The Black teen disclosed that she was surprised at the manager’s statement because she had the same hairstyle on during the interview.

Dreadlock is a hairstyle which is associated with the African culture hence, the disapproval of it serves as a form of discrimination against a particular race and ethnic group. Darnetta Herring, House’s mom wasn’t happy about the incident. She said that “Why is it that dreadlocks are not permitted in your employees, but it’s OK for us to spend our dreadlock money in your company? I don`t understand. They come to an African-American neighborhood but they discriminate against some of us. I don`t understand it.”

The Illinois movie theater came under great criticism after the incidence went public on social media. Many accused them of practicing institutional racism.

The Country Club Hills after a few days released a statement saying that it has changed it policy, WGN news reports. The statement read; “This week we learned that a job candidate at our Marcus Country Club Hills Cinema was turned away because she wore dreadlocks. Some have expressed concern, and their reaction has led us to re-examine that decision. Marcus Theatres operates in many communities across the United States, and our success is due in part to our talented team. Our associates come to work each day committed to delivering a best-in-class experience to everyone who passes through our doors. Effective immediately, no job candidate will be disqualified because they wear dreadlocks. We are in the process of reviewing our protocols, and will update them to ensure that they reflect our professional standards and commitment to recognizing the diversity of our associates.”

We admire the bold step of the company to change its policy. But the policy is typically a racial one because; it only targets a specific group of people. And we all know that deadlocks are unique to the Black culture.

Source: The Root
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