Racism In America Can Be Tied To The Democratic Party

History has proved that the Democratic Party can be blamed for the intense racism in America today.

African-Americans can point fingers at the Democratic Party for the horror of promoting racism they are currently facing. And respectively, most of the benefits they enjoy today  result from  overturned Democratic Party policies.

For instance, in 1862, U.S Representative, Justin Morrill ensured for the passage of the Land Grant Act. This now makes it possible for African-Americans to own a land; a situation that wasn’t previously possible under the Democrats. The Land Grant Act also gave way to the establishment of colleges for African-Americans.

Moreover, the Republican congress fought against President Johnson’s veto imposed on the Civil Rights Act and Freedman’s Bureau Act which granted African-Americans the right to vote.

In 1854, Franklin Pierce, the then Democratic President permitted the signing of the Kansas-Nebraska Act which made it possible for slaves to be moved to newly acquired territories of the U.S. This was countered by a Republican, Montgomery Blair in court.

The Ku Klux Klan is known to be a military group formed by the Democratic Party to fight the Republicans and kill freed slaves. Further proof of their association with the Klan is the fact that  the assassinators of James Hinds, a republican U.S. House Representative admitted to being Democrats and members of the KKK.

Racism in America today can be linked to the various past actions of the Democratic Party. Some of the states in America where Blacks face diverse challenges like police brutality, unemployment, mass incarceration of the Blacks, and a high number of school dropouts, are all ruled by the Democrats.

Democrats have ruled Chicago since 1931 and Flint since 1960. Baltimore has been administrated by the Democrats since 1967, Milwaukee – since 1960. In  all these places  Blacks face too many problems.

This trend must be discontinued and it can only be done by us. We need to refuse to vote the Democratic Party candidates, as we do not want further discriminatory policies.

Source: ThyBlackman.com
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