Black America Today: Virginia Councilwoman Condemns Justice System

The Councilwoman talked about the KKK members trading their robes for police uniforms.

A Black councilwoman in Norfolk, Virginia, might just have ruffled a local sheriff after she made factual comments about the justice system. Angelia Williams Graves talked about the undercover racists that hide behind police uniforms and racial injustice in courtrooms at an annual NAACP luncheon on October 1.

Graves gave a speech, where she stated that American KKK racists of today exchanged their white cloaks and hoods for “police uniforms, suits and ties and robes.”

A local white sheriff responded to her statements, saying that he and other officers were quite displeased with her comments and found the association with Ku Klux Klan offensive. “I wouldn’t have expected that from a city leader,” said Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe.

Graves’ comments about judges and cops didn’t include local officials because her aim was to call for a different approach in reactions to racist acts. She explained that her statements were aimed at cops and lawmakers who implement laws, including the judges who pass down unfair sentences to Black Americans.

McCabe said because of Graves’ remarks, some officers thought about storming out of the place of the event. He also spoke about the problem of labeling a group based on the actions of a few.

“Just like not every young African-American with dreadlocks or whatever is out there committing crimes; the majority of the policemen are out there doing the right thing,” he said.

But Graves made her point saying that the bigotry that runs through the police force is the reason why Black people are seen as criminals. She also said a different approach in hiring police officers is needed and officers should be well guided on how to connect with the Black community.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for the job that police officers do, and they are people just like everybody else,” Graves said. “But all of them are not right, and when one of them does something stupid and racist, it makes all of them look bad. Until you can experience the other side of law enforcement as a Black man, don’t tell me about your offense.”

Graves’ statements hit the bull’s-eye; she is right by saying that the law enforcement system is filled with racists, who hide behind police uniforms.  Actually, the current situation is even worse than the times of the Klan, as now, officers demonstrate their racism openly, not bothering themselves to hide names or cover faces as they have the full support of the authorities.

Source: Atlanta Black Star
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