LAPD Reports: Daniel Perez Was Suicidal, Police Chief Says

Police Chief Charlie Beck said that Daniel Perez, who a cop shot and killed, was suicidal because he left a farewell note.

Last weekend, a 16-year-old boy, Daniel Enrique Perez suffered an unfortunate death at the hands of a Los Angeles police officer, who fatally shot the victim after the boy reportedly pointed a fake gun at the officer. Police Chief Charlie Beck stated on Thursday that the teen wanted to get himself killed.

Perez made a 911 call from his cell phone to report “a man with a gun matching his own description,” Beck said. Perez made the 911 call before he was killed on Sunday. Officers responded to the call, arrived about 20 minutes later and saw a person matching the description. They were approaching him when he turned and pointed a fake gun at the officers and he was shot and killed.

The officers found out later that the gun was a replica with an orange tip painted Black. The LAPD shooting brought about protests in South Los Angeles, as protesters lamented yet another shooting of a person of color.

The teen left a farewell note to his family, Beck said. He also stated that the teen’s relatives reported that the teen had a “prior history,” but he refused to state details of the history because he felt the comments would only bring more pain to the boy’s family. “I cannot even imagine how they are suffering right now,” he said.

Subject to the call, the note, and the boy’s history, “we believe that this officer-involved shooting was a result of his desire to end his own life,” Beck said. He also stated that the officer who fatally shot the boy was devastated.

Perez’s killing was one of two fatal LAPD shootings last weekend: on Saturday, a cop shot and killed 18-year-old Black teen, Carnell Snell after he reportedly fled when he was stopped based on a suspicion of stealing a car and having a gun.

It’s is quite sad that the police are so predictable: the teen expected to be shot for his actions and he wasn’t wrong. Police officers are so racially biased; it’s quite obvious to see that in the way they treat people of color. It takes very little these days for officers to find a reason to kill people of color, not to talk of a Hispanic teen pointing a fake gun at an officer.

Source: The Grio
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