#LetsBuyBlack: Black-Americans Encouraged To Patronize Black-Owned Businesses

African-American entrepreneurs, DeShawn Bullard and Rene Green share their experience and challenges in the Black hair industry.

There is a number of hair products on the market designed for Black hair but not too many of them are owned by Black people. Rather, it is estimated that the highest number of people who patronize ethnic hair care and beauty products are African-Americans.

In an exclusive interview with Atlanta Black Star, the CEO of NouriTress, DeShawn Bullard  said, “Some of the steps we can take [to regain control of the hair care industry] is continue to make ourselves visible and make it known to our community that we are the owners of the product.” she further added that “And to get these women to participate and join up this fight in taking back the industry.”

She further disclosed that her product happens to be the only one that focuses on hair growth. She started the business after most of her customers came to her with complaints of hair loss. This prompted her into starting NouriTress which has been a success so far. She encouraged a rise in the number of Black-owned businesses.

Rena Green, owner of Natalya Beauty Supply store focused her discussion on consumer behavior. Green said that the success of Blank owned businesses relied on the consumers. She encouraged consumers to patronize their own products. “We can do things. We can help each other. We need to build up our own communities and we need to patronize our own people,” Green entreated all Black-Americans.

She further advised those who will be interested in the business to learn to develop their products and educate their customers on the use of the products. She said, “It’s about education and the experience we create for our customers in a beautiful environment.”

Black hair products are used by Blacks hence; we encourage more Blacks to take up the challenge of venturing into the non-exploited sector and develop more Black-owned businesses. It is also vital that we support Black entrepreneurs.  So, they will be encouraged to do more. This will help in our struggle with economic inequalities.

Source: AtlantaBlackStar
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