Racist Facebook Status: Two Cops Lose Job Following Racist Online Chat

Former McIntosh deputy, Brant Gaither and Darien’s officer Jeremy Ownes find themselves out of job after investigations exposed that they have targeted Black American people.

The McIntosh County police authorities have terminated officer Brant Gaither after it was found out that he had been involved in an awful racist chat with one of his officer friends on Facebook. His Darien police friend, a former employee of the McIntosh County sheriff also resigned just when he heard his accomplice has been sacked.

The two Georgian police officers had quite a lengthy chat on Facebook making fun of Black American people, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The officers also made a mockery of the Black American civil rights fighter, Dr. Martin Luther King. They mimicked his statement and said, “I have a dream. That one day my people will not act like animals,” Gaither said.

Owens responded by writing, “Lol. That’ll never happen.”

According to AJC, Owens turned in his resignation letter upon hearing that Gaither has been fired and he too will be fired soon.

Owens wrote to Gaither, “It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Might not get too many niggs.” Gaither later responded and wrote, “I hope we get a few but (expletive) if we don’t.”

That racist chat between the two officers was discovered when Owens’ laptop was given to another deputy. Owens’ Facebook account was not logged out so he had access to the Facebook chat, Sheriff Stephen D. Jessup told the AJC. Jessup expressed disappointment in the officers for using such an offensive racist words. He further stated that “I do not tolerate that in my department.”

According to the AJC, the nonprofit public law firm, Southern Center for Human Rights has interest taken up the matter. The organization is currently taking a survey to find out people that have ever encountered the officers.  Also, they are preparing to write a formal letter to the Justice Department to further investigate the matter.

These officers deserve to be jailed. No wonder they always act indifferent towards Black people. It looks like it is already planned out. That is the reason they always trample on the African American rights. Black American people suffer unduly at the hands of the police, and all that is because of their skin colour.

Source: AtlantaBlackStar
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