Police Abuse Videos: Ramsey Orta Faces Ill Treatment In Jail

Ramsey Orta, African- American struggles in jail for recording the gruesome murder of Eric Garner by a Washington police officer.

Life has been really unbearable for Ramsey Orta, the man behind the footage of Eric Garner’s death. Orta recorded the horrendous incident on his phone which went viral afterward; were 43-year-old Garner was choked to death by Daniel Pantaleo, a Washington police officer. Since the July 17 tragic incident, Orta has become a subject of target by law enforcement.

Orta has since disclosed that the police have tried various ways to get back at him for exposing their dirty activities. He said that he has been under close monitoring by the police following his recording of the incidence. Also, there have been several attempts to arrest and incarcerate him.

Orta was imprisoned on October 3rd, 2016 and he is to serve a four year jail term for counts of unrelated charges. In spite of the unfortunate situation that befell him, he encouraged himself to use the period of the jail term to acquire a high school diploma. The support attained from family and friends also made Orta very optimistic about executing his plans.

But in a situation that looks more like “witch hunting,” law enforcement continues to make life miserable for Orta even as he finds himself in jail. Orta has been neglected and his needs ignored by officers. This has sparked anger, fear, and worry among his well-wishers.

Out of $420 he had on him to spend on books, foods and phone calls he had only been allowed to access $20. Nobody knows when the rest of the $400 will be made available to him. Moreover, communication with family and friends had become extremely difficult for Orta. Eiko, Orta’s wife, with whom he has a 3-year-old child, has expressed worry and fear about the entire happenings.

It is known that the Black-American man had been feeding only on juice and snacks after he found a rat poison in his food some few days back. Expressing fear for her husband’s life, Eiko said, “I find myself trying to dive into how I can help him… I’m trying to otherwise keep myself busy. My three year old certainly helps with that. But it hurts. I know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but there’s this pain associated with forced separation of someone you love especially when it’s someone you spend your every day with. I definitely feel this pain. I feel this constant anxiety and fear for his safety coupled with intense powerlessness. I’m sure anyone who has a loved one incarcerated can relate to this.”

Corrupt law enforcement still exists in our country; corrupt in their thinking and actions. The only reason this Black man is being hunted down and harshly treated is for the simple reason of him doing the rightful thing of exposing wrong. So then, why are they after him? Were they planning to hide it or cover-up as always? We encourage police abuse videos in order to maintain some level of sanity in the police service.

Sorce: The Huffington Post

Read our interview with Ramsey Orta taken days before his imprisonment.

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