Black Celebrities: T.I. Raps Against Social Injustice And Police Brutality In BET Performance

The famous rapper had his take on police brutality and social injustice in marvelous BET performance.

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., best known as T.I. is recognized as a wonderful rapper, whose delivery is always on point whenever he touches a microphone. The talented rapper has also recently let his voice be heard on matters concerning police violence on Black people and the unfair treatment meted out on African-Americans in the society.

Last night’s BET awards was no different, as the brilliant hip-hop recording artist addressed police brutality and misconduct in a fantastic performance. The rapper performed “We Will Not” from his most recent EP “Us or Else,” which highlights problems of social justice.

T.I. showed respect to Black Panther Party by wearing all Black and a beret; there were people who surrounded him that posed as protesters and two white police officers tackling the protesters: the act was done in a bid to highlight the issue of cop brutality in America.

At the end of the scintillating performance, the Grammy Award winner said: “United we stand. Look around and see the power around you, we gotta stand together. It’s us or else do or die. The time is now. They can’t kill us all.”

The rapper also performed at Harry Belafonte’s social justice festival, “Many Rivers To Cross,” over the weekend – where spoke to the New York Times, stating that he felt the need to use his platform to talk about the senseless police killings of African-Americans. “It just seemed all too consistent, all too repeated, all too ignored,” he said.

Black celebrities, who use their various platforms to speak about the problems Black community faces in our society is something that has to be applauded. They make our voices louder and heard. The issues of social injustice and police abuse cases have to be tackled head on, and the time is now!

Source: The Huffington Post
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