New Hip-Hop Music By Common To Further Push Anti-Racism Agenda

Black hip-hop artist, Common, tackles issues of implicit racism in a new album

Acclaimed hip-hop artist, Common, is at it again with his new album which is to be launched on Nov. 4. The rapper who is well-known for his commitment to fighting social injustice had an insightful discussion with Huff Post’s Jacques Morel to delve into his new album called “Black America Again.”

During his interview, Common made a mention that there was a need for a “new narrative” for Black people, hence the title of his new album.

“Black America Again,” the albums’ first single already has a video to its credit. The video illustrates the wrath of the Black community due to the rampant cases of police brutalities and stories of implicit racism. Speaking about his motivation, Common said, “I was looking at what’s been going on in our country and I was thinking ― with black people specifically ― and thinking how the history, our history has been that story of brutality of oppression and breaking up the black family. [There’s] really lack of value for black life and that thought came to me.”

The Black rapper mentioned the importance of a unified front in our quest to attain racial justice. He said that there was a need to connect with each other, just as we saw in the Northeast blackout in 2003. Common further said that one thing that really made him sad was when he realized that he didn’t even know his neighbor before he had visited him.


When the interview was coming to an end, Common advised that we as Blacks create stronger ties between ourselves. He said, “When we form that bond and that unity and that relationship, when things are not going right, we still have that community…I don’t want us to be just judging our own and not embracing our community.”

Common had hit the nail right on the head. The time has come to tell our own story and take our future into our hands. We need to be united to kick against this menace. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear to many of the state officials that white America is not real America. Black people are an essential part of this country and killing and hurting them is depriving the country of its future.

Source: The Huffington Post
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