Cleveland audaciously sues dead 12-year-old boy’s family for “Last Dying Expense”

After failing to serve justice for Tamir Rice’s death, city officials cause more devastation to the bereaved family, they are dragging them to court over an unpaid ambulance bill.

The shocking decision by the City of Cleveland to charge the family of dead 12-year-old, Tamir Rice, $500 for expenses on Ambulance when the kid was shot and killed in public, comes but as a surprise to all.

The brutality and showcase of complete disrespect for human rights by police officers who answered to the 911 call has gone unpunished, and now to make matters worse and prove that Blacks can be “run over” just like that, without care and a sense of respect, the City expects Tamir’s family to pay for the bill for the medical care provided to their dying son.

Has it really gone that far, where humans felt no sense of guilt and shame to issue such charges on a grieving family?

Adding insults to the pain of the death of a 12-year-old innocent kid is proof of total prejudice. The City should be ashamed for this unimaginable wicked act.
The stigma of this irresponsible act will forever brand Cleveland City officials and law makers, xenophobic!

Murder it was, and the culprits should be incriminated. Because all lives matters, so does Tamir’s!

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