Amidst inimical Racial discriminations against Blacks, 250 Black men stand out as role models against black stereotypes

This act will go down in history as a perfect response to the stereotypes about Blacks.


In the current heat of negativity by the media stereotypes regarding black men, we all agree to a fact that the ordinary black man hasn’t been justified fairly by society and the law and as a result, indicted even when innocent.

Notwithstanding these challenges Black men face, a group of 250 Black men stand against the odds and showcase the contradictory, often portrayed.

These gallant young men came out in their appropriate attires of profession, showcasing the opposite of the stereotype Blackman, often regarded as a drug dealer, a thug, a gangster, school-dropout, etc.

Despite the dangers, humiliation, degradation and suffering imposed by racial stereotypes, the media and the society, poise blackmen as criminals instead of the victims they are because of their race.

But these 250 men, understood the importance and impact their act could bring about, the significance of the change it could bring to the narrative of Black people.

They came out with the goal of dismissing the negative stereotypes of Black men by presenting students with the live success stories of their lives as proud Black men.

“Everyone is interested in changing the narrative,” said Earl Parker, whose son attends South Shore. “America only sees us on the news, in sports or entertainment. They don’t see us as fathers, as professionals.”

The Black men formed a line, giving the children high-fives and greeting them with statements such as “Hello, future president.”

“Growing up, we never did something like this,” said Bryan Adamson, professor at the Seattle University School of Law. “I had great role models, but this would have made it better.”

African-Americans are hardworking and realists even though they have to face a lot from the society. They never give up amidst all the injustice and psychological trauma they go through all day working to make a living for their families.

Even though not considered as super heroes, these Black men will serve as role models for all, both black and white.



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