‘White-Americans Made You Sin:’ Farrakhan Tells Black People

Louis Farrakhan has said that white people are responsible for the various negative acts Blacks do.

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam on Sunday took to the pulpit of the Union Temple Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. to throw more light on the true identity of the Black person. His one-and-a-half-hour sermon touched on several topics related to Black history and Black freedom.

He started his speech by stating that the white man is responsible for the sins of Black people. He quoted his mentor, Elijah Muhammad by saying; “My teacher, the honorable Elijah Muhammad, said, ‘Not saving you from your sins, but saving you from the sins of white people that you have learned by your sojourn among them for 460 years. You never were in Africa what you’ve become today.”

Farrakhan mentioned that all the evil things that the whites blame Blacks for were taught by them. He explained by saying that, the whites influenced Black people into inculcating the negative acts.

Farrakhan also spoke about some social issues Black people face in America. He accused the white government of poisoning the water in Flint.

The outspoken leader of  the Nation of Islam stated in his speech, the need for America to give justice to Black people. He said that the wrath of God is upon the nation and this can only be overturned when white people in America make amends and offer justice to Black people.

Farrakhan has indeed made quite a tough statement which is actually true. America is responsible for the attitude of Blacks. They have for so long put Black people under terrible conditions. They subjected them to poverty and social vices. So why do they expect them to behave otherwise? Are they hoping they act differently from how they trained them? But we won’t allow the whites to destroy us. We have found our place and we will teach our generations to come the Black culture. This also points out the importance for Blacks to live among themselves.

Source: Christian Examiner

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