Black Women Hair In Danger

“I was in pain even after drying my hair. Now I have scabs all over my scalp,” one of the Black women says.

One of the big names in the cosmetics industry, L’Oreal, might have to pay about $5 million as a compensation to the aggrieved customers following allegations of Black women hair loss caused using their product.

On Wednesday, a lawsuit was filed against L’Oreal by three ladies, who claim they suffered hair loss and other damages to their scalp after using the company’s SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Alma Legend relaxer. On the other hand, the company has denied claims by the Black women.

Sharon Mainer, Dorothy Riles, and Lakeytra Nero are at the forefront of the litigation. In addition, they represent several other women, who have also reported to have suffered the same ordeal using the company’s hair relaxer. The relaxer, which is made up of amla oil, enhances hair growth and strengthens the hair.

In the meanwhile, Mark Geragos, the lawyer responsible for the lawsuit, mentioned that the product barely contains any amla oil as claimed by the company. Rather, the constituent of the SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Alma Legend relaxer is dangerous for human use.

Riles, one of the three Black women, who filed the suit, said that she has now resorted to the use of wigs since the product damaged her hair. She claimed the product also caused damages to her scalp.

Moreover, Mainer, who now suffers from hair loss, had scalp irritation soon after she used the product.

The lawsuit seeks to bill the company for more than $5 million as compensation fees.

“I was in pain even after drying my hair. Now I have scabs all over my scalp. I’ve had to add olive oil to my scalp every day to soften the scabs and so that my [h]air does not continue to fall out,” one of the complaints in the suit reads.

According to Buzzfeed News, Matthew DiGirolamo, L’Oreal’s spokesperson, came out to refute the claims, stating that there isn’t any truth in the accusation. He said, “We do not believe the allegations in this lawsuit have merit.”

Products to care for Black women’s hair or dark skin have always been hard to find. The giants of the beauty industry care neither about diversity nor about elementary safety. Many tests are said to be done on haircare products, but there is definitely no research on the suitability of these substances for the people of color. In the end, the lives of poor women turn into a nightmare and the white-oriented companies continue to get their profit.

Source: Atlanta Black Star
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