#BMOVE9: Take Part in Flashmob to Support Members of MOVE 9 Organization

While we are organizing all the messages sent to support the heroes of the MOVE organization, you have a chance to join #BMOVE9 flashmob.

We encourage all our readers to join our flashmob called #BMOVE9. Let us show the MOVE heroes that they are not forgotten.

Your message of support can be anything. It can be a letter, a video, a photo. Please, comfort and support those who sacrificed their lives for us and have been eligible for parole since 2008, but have been denied serially, year after year. All your kind and warm messages will be compiled and relayed to MOVE 9 by the only adult survivor of the abysmal 1985 attack, Ramona Africa. Your voices really matter, we appreciate your support.

    1. Create the message
    2. Post it on any social media with the hashtag #BMOVE9
    3. Tag @blackmattersus
    4. Send the same message or the link to us via the contact form

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