Hazel Park Police Officers Accused Of Sexually Harassing Two Women

“I am taking these allegations seriously, but I want everyone to know that these are just allegations because anybody can file a lawsuit against anybody,” Police Chief Martin P. Barner said.

An incident was reported to have happened in Hazel Park, Michigan on June 5, whereby four police officers allegedly harassed two women sexually during a traffic stop. The women filed a lawsuit against the officers this week.

The women stated in the lawsuit that they were pulled over on their way home for supposedly crossing a white line. The officers proceeded to conduct an illegal search, and they found a small bag of cocaine on a male passenger in the car.

The women thought they hadn’t committed any crime, as the officers didn’t find anything on them, only for the officers to order them out of their car. The officers asked the women to lift up their shirts and bras and jiggle their breasts in front of the car, which made it possible for passing cars to see them, while one of the cops used a cell phone to film the incident.

He directed her “to lean over the hood of the vehicle, pull up her shirt and bra, thereby exposing her breasts to those on the scene and to traffic driving by on I-75, and to shake her breasts,” the lawsuit claims. “He then ordered her to shake her breasts again, harder.”

Hazel Park Police Chief Martin P. Barner stated that he has launched an internal investigation, but he didn’t hesitate to point out that anybody could file a lawsuit against anybody and they were just allegations for now. Court records show that the officers had no body cameras on and their vehicles were without dash cams too. However, the women were not charged with any crime.

This is the second case in recent weeks, accusing the Hazel Park Police Department of immoral activities. A pending civil lawsuit filed against police officer Michael Emmi of the HPPD, claims that the officer used a seized cell phone to watch a mother breastfeed her son and undress.

Could the actions of police officers get any more disgusting than this? Are these men just perverts who join the law enforcement with implicit thoughts on how to use their power to fulfill their filthy desires? We really do hope the nasty entities involved in such immoral acts in the law enforcement are exposed and punished.

Source: Thefreethoughtproject
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