America’s Misplaced Patriotism

During the anniversary of 9/11 the hashtag NeverForget was trending on social media; however America has already forgotten a lot of things.

There has been a lot of tragedy in history, most of which have simply been forgotten. However, we are products of the past, and so we are never truly free from its hold. Even centuries after slavery was abolished, true equality still hasn’t been achieved between races.

So while the NeverForget hashtag is trending, a few people have come out to express things that truly must never be forgotten, especially now that racial tension keeps rising.

The innate hypocrisy of the recent trend, dedicated to the victims of 9/11 was pointed out. Not to belittle the true terror of the incident, and the sheer amount of lives destroyed on that day, however during the era of slavery, the largest recorded genocide was carried out against Black people. America has since been doing its best to forget, which is why people currently protesting racial inequality have earned the ire of so many white Americans, they’ve reminded the country of a topic they’d rather forget about.

The recent trend of athletes sitting during the national anthem in protest of racial inequality has been criticized. They have been called unpatriotic; it’s their patriotism that pushed them to protest. Merely going through the motions, following the pre-approved actions of one who loves his country without having any of the passion and love for all its citizens and deep knowledge of its history is merely empty patriotism. So yes we must never forget America was built on many tragedies that shaped it, and we must never forget any and give equal attention to all aspects of this great country’s history.

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Source: Atlanta Black Star
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