‘Welcome White Week:’ NKU Students Protest Against Racism

Northern Kentucky Students rallied against racism after an insensitive flier that ridiculed orientation week for Black students was passed around the campus.

Over 50 Northern Kentucky University students marched and protested against racism on campus, after a flier that made fun of a Welcome Black Week poster circulated on campus.

Welcome Black Week is an event hosted by a number of universities to familiarize incoming Black freshmen to organizations and programs that focus on African-American students and help them ease into life in college.

A mock flyer for Welcome White Week was designed to look similar to that of the Welcome Black week and it offered alternative events to make a mockery of minority organizations.

The demonstration was attended by numerous Northern Kentucky University faculty members, administrators, and its president. They all marched to show their support for Welcome Black Week and also criticize the insensitivity of the flier.

“I’m grateful for the way you’ve responded. You’ve responded in the best way of the character of the people here and the character of this institution,” President Geoffrey Mearns said, as he praised the students for their positive reaction to the incident.

James Johnson, a Black junior who partook in the organization of the demonstration, said their march was not only to condemn the thoughtlessness of the flyer but also to tackle racism on campus.

“The ignorance that stands on NKU’s campus is no longer acceptable. It’s starting to become deliberate. Just like this person who deliberately copied our flyer. The reason we had Welcome Black Week was because we weren’t initially included in the festivities the university has,” Johnson said.

The university’s administrators have made it clear that the Welcome White Week was unauthorized and an investigation is ongoing in order to find the person responsible for making the flyer.

Racism remains a huge problem in this country and it should be tackled with all seriousness as it has been a thorn in our skin for so long. NKU students found a way to peacefully rally against racism on campus after the circulation of an insensitive flyer. We hope the people behind the tactless act are caught and disciplined.

Source: BlackAmericaWeb

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