Video Shows Cop Assaulted Black Woman

Florida Cop, Wayne Wagner exposed as released footage proves he lied about Paige Taylor battering him at a gas station

Released surveillance footage shows a Pinellas County sheriff’s deputy Wayne Wagner made up a felony charge against Paige Taylor when he stated in his report that the Black woman allegedly battered an officer.

Deputy Wagner, a police deputy of the St. Petersburg Police Department since 2014, accused 26-year-old Taylor of battery, although a surveillance video proves otherwise. In fact, the video shows Wagner assaulting the woman after he ordered her to come out of her car. The deputy grabbed and shoved the woman to the ground before piling on her to handcuff her.

The video proved the deputy lied in his report; as it also showed him making a mountain out of a molehill by telling another deputy about how Taylor punched and pushed him, so as to justify his assault on her.

The case against Taylor was dismissed by the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s office last month after they reviewed the video and saw that Wagner’s felony charge was based on false statements.

“There’s no approach. She comes out of the truck and she walks past him. She’s a full step past him. If he’s saying the door being slammed is an approach that’s a little strange,” said Taylor’s attorney, Chris Beardslee. “As she steps past him, she takes the license but her hand didn’t touch his hand. There’s no shove. You can see the officer crystal clear. His body doesn’t move back, he doesn’t lose his balance, his heels don’t move. His body doesn’t move at all.”

The Deputies reported that when they pulled the vehicle over for having a wrong license attached to it, the driver, Gage Moore exchanged seats with the passenger, who was Taylor because his driver’s license was suspended. Deputy Wagner arrested Moore, 25, for being a “habitual offender” and he also decided to impound the truck.

Taylor, who was already upset because she had some problems with her boyfriend that night, was only made unhappier as Wagner ignored her pleas to let her drive her car home.

“He just didn’t care,” Taylor said. “He was just like, ‘”figure out a way home and I’m taking the vehicle.’”“I didn’t touch him at all,” she added. “I was really worried but I knew that deep down inside that I didn’t touch him.”

Taylor stated that she hopes the cop is punished for assaulting her and also falsifying his statements in the report. “He slammed me to the ground pretty bad and I actually went face first,” she said. “I really don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Especially, someone who’s innocent like myself.”

Deputy Wagner has to be punished for accusing an innocent Black woman of a crime she didn’t commit. The emergence of the video footage has exposed the deputy for the liar that he is and he must be appropriately disciplined for his actions.

Source: Pinac Be the Media

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