David Baldwin Shot Dead: Friends Rubbish Police Claims

“No one's doing well, everyone's taking it very hard," Shamika Neal explains the mood at the workplace following the demise of their former colleague.

According to a Chicago Police spokesman, Jose Estrada, 24-year-old David Baldwin together with a 26-year-old man was shot at 9:30 am in the 6800 block of South Emerald Avenue.

Baldwin was shot in the head whereas the other man was shot in his right thigh. The two were taken to the hospital but Baldwin was pronounced dead upon arrival. Fortunately for the other man, he was treated and his condition was stabilized.

Moments after the incident, a SWAT team arrived at the scene to put the situation under control. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make any arrests since the gunman wasn’t found.

The police quickly tagged Baldwin and the other man as gang members as their usual practice demands when dealing with Black people.

Prior to Baldwin’s death, he worked as a full-time employee at Forman Mills located on 122W.79th St. He had worked at this retail store for three years. He worked a 12-hour shift every day from 6 am to 6 p.m.

According to Shamika Neal, the store manager, the other workers are still in a state of disbelief after hearing the news of Baldwin’s demise.

Neal, who could hardly hold back her tears while talking, said that “No one’s doing well, everyone’s taking it very hard.” she added that “He was the life of this store. Things won’t be the same without him.”

She further described the 24-year-old Black man as a loving, funny and industrious young man who usually motivated his colleagues.

“Everybody loved him. He was just always trying to make somebody’s day. Like if someone was in a bad mood, he’d be there to try and uplift them,” Chatwana Matthews, the assistant store manager at Forman Mills also said, describing the kind of worker and person Baldwin was. She further said that “He was just trying to stay out of people’s way and get to work on time and make his money, that’s it. He didn’t deserve none of that. He never had a negative thing to say about nobody.”

Marvin Slater, Baldwin’s neighbor, described him as a hardworking man who always stayed out of trouble.  In his response to the claim by the police that he was a gang member, he said, “They say that about everybody — they don’t even know who we are. They could round us all up if they wanted to, everyone in the neighborhood, and call us all gang members, and people would believe them.”

Racial profiling in the police service is disgustingly rampant. Those that we pay to do adequate investigation and come out with the facts are now just acting on racial bases. All they see in a Black person is negativity. This prejudice must stop!

Instead of making efforts to serve justice to the family and loved ones of Baldwin, they have rather labeled him as a gang member. The police actually don’t care about Black people. They are one of the key factors Black people are portrayed in a negative way.

Source: DNA info

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