6-Year-Old Black Girl Returns To School After Being Shot

Little Zariah Muhammad goes back to the classroom to pursue her dream of becoming a medical doctor few weeks after she was shot in the head by an unknown assailant.

A strong and determined Black girl, Zariah Muhammad has decided to move on with her life despite the traumatic experience she had some few weeks back. On Tuesday, the 6-year-old Black girl started schooling again after recovering from a head injury she sustained from a gunshot.

On August 11, a fun filled kid’s time in the garden was marred by a horrific incident. Zariah Muhammad was in the company of her cousins, friends, and uncle in her grandma’s garden playing with balloons when an unknown gunman fired into their midst.

According to a relative, Lanetta Hoover-Mohammad, Zariah Muhammad was shot in the head and had a fractured skull. She was quickly sent to the Comers Children’s Hospital for treatment. The 6-year-old Black girl underwent a surgery to have the bullet taken out.

A GoFundMe account was opened in her honor to help family foot the medical bills.

At the moment, the culprit has still not been found. But the police say that they believe her 22-year-old uncle, David Mcray was the one targeted. Mcray died after he was shot in the chest by the assailant.

Hoover-Muhammad describing little Muhammad’s strength and optimism said, “This has been a very emotional time [for] Zariah and her family but through it all, she has kept a beautiful bright smile on her face for her mother, big sister and the rest of her devoted family.”

Gloria Muhammad, Zariah Muhammad’s mother, talking to ABC station said that “Her joy and her spirit is keeping me balanced.”

The resilient little Black girl has since started schooling at the Woodlawn Elementary School. She looks into the future with the hope of becoming one of the best doctors in the world.

Zariah Muhammad is a true reflection of the heroic and enthusiastic Black person, who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals in the face of very discouraging circumstances. This is what the Black person is made up of; determination and courage.

Source: Yahoo news

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