70-year-old cop, brutally loses it on cuffed 12-year-old boy

The Elderly Cop Slapped the 12-Year-Old For Spitting In His Car and Got Fired as a result of his actions.

A disturbing video footage of Sandoval County deputy Fred Switzer brutally slamming a 12-year-old boy, hard in the face, when he Switzer and another deputy were transporting the former after an appearance in Sandoval County District Court.

The 12-year-old, who was in cuffs, and secured with leg shackles, a belly chain and a seat belt in the back of the car, according to the complaint received four hard slaps to the face from Switzer, for allegedly spitting in the car. However, this act of spitting was not caught on camera.

Even if the boy did spit in the car, officer Switz had no right to brutally hit the cuffed 12-yer-old.

70-year-old Switzer, who retired a lieutenant from Albuquerque police department, has been on the Sandoval County’s sheriff department for eight years prior to the incident and has been fired since then.

The assault, which took place six months ago, recently came to light together with the video footage was witnessed by a fellow officer, who later filed a report with Switzers’s supervisors.
This incident comes in support of reports about police brutality on kids, attending public schools.

In similar cases, like Granito’s, the 8-year-old, who has autism, threw a tantrum in class, and as usual, instead of checking on Granito’s IEP plan, the police were invited to put the young minor in cuffs, and later transported to jail, forcing him to sit in jail for several hours wearing a strait jacket. Granito was charged with assault and released on probation.

Such cases of kids with special needs, who are mishandled, should be scrutinized, and probably, as it is stands now, Switzer who hasn’t been charged with assault, is likely to be prosecuted, after a special prosecutor has been assigned to look into details of the case.

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