School Resource Officer Not Charged After Assaulting Black Teen

The officer Ben Fields won’t be facing any criminal charges as Richland County Solicitor found no reason to charge him


A Black female high school teen was badly manhandled by a school resource officer, Senior Deputy Ben Fields at Spring Valley High School, South Carolina, last year. The incident which was caught on video showed Fields grabbing the teen by her neck, tossing her from her desk and dragging her across a classroom.

It was reported that the officer was called to the classroom to control a situation which arose after the teen was asked to leave the classroom for being disruptive, but she refused. Fields arrived and ordered the teen to stand up and leave the class, but she declined to comply with his orders. That is when the school resource officer grabbed her, flipped her desk and dragged her by her neck across the classroom, all in an attempt to handcuff her.

The incident led to Fields losing his job and a lawsuit was filed against him. According to New York Daily News, the officer won’t be facing any criminal charges after a Richland County Solicitor, Dan Johnson, claimed that no apparent reason was found to charge the officer.

Fields was unapologetic after the decision by the solicitor. He claimed that he neither felt sorry for the victim nor how he handled the situation.

“I realized that I was going to have to physically remove the student from her seat to effectuate her arrest,” he said, going on to say that the desk only flipped because the student locked her legs inside of it.

The girl who took the video with her cell phone, Niya Kelly, was arrested after she cried out and protested in defense of the teen. The officer took her in because he believed Kelly had too much to say. Kelly was later released on a $1000 bail.

What would it take for officers to get appropriate punishment for their dreadful deeds? He absolutely treated the teen badly by grabbing her by the neck and pulling her across the classroom. Would the officer have done the same to a white kid? I don’t think so because he knows the level of outrage and wrath that will befall him. But he doesn’t give a toss about this case, because the Teen is Black, after all, the system also doesn’t care about what happens to Black people. We really do hope that sooner, rather than later, Black people will get the justice we deserve.

Source: thegrio

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