Descendants Of Slaves To Be Favored In Georgetown Admission Process

Georgetown has decided to offer descendants of Slaves superior opportunities in admission

Georgetown University partook in slave trade centuries ago, as the school sold slaves to keep the institution running. Now, the school is looking to make things right by presenting descendants of slaves with better chances to be admitted into the university. They will be specially considered during the admission process.

On Wednesday, the school’s administrators stated that it plans to apologize in public for taking part in the slave trade and will put a monument in honor of the slaves who worked so hard to build the school. One of the buildings in the university which was named after a slave master will now be renamed after a slave. The school plans to designate an institute for people to attain knowledge about slavery, as it will also rename another building after a very famous Black educator.

Some months back, hundreds of students protested on campus outside President John J. DeGioia’s office, as they called for the president to look into racism on campus. The students believed that the racism in and around the institution was as a result of the university’s historical slave trade ties. 272 of the slaves, who built the school, were sold to Louisiana and Maryland plantations to cover the institution’s debts. Children were also among the slaves that were auctioned off to the plantation.

DeGioia made positive strides towards the atonement of the school’s past sins, as he created a working group on slavery, memory, and reconciliation. This group came together and brought up the plan of actions which were announced on Wednesday.

“We know we’ve got work to do, and we’re going to take those steps to do so, it needs to be a part of our living history,” Degioia told the Times. The decision to give preferential treatment to descendants of slaves is a first by any university. Some other universities haven’t shown any sign of making such a great effort. For example, Boston College made threats to suspend students who protested about racism in the school.

We encourage all universities to follow Georgetown’s footsteps – this will be sufficient reparation for the descendants of the oppressed slaves in the field of education.

Source: Think progress

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