11 Big Accomplishments Black Activists Achieved In 2015

The movement to make sure black lives matter gained momentum as activists took everywhere to address racial inequality head-on.

Here are 11 big accomplishments black activists achieved this year:
1. Black Lives Matter leaders met with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to discuss policing reform and racial injustice. The meetings helped recognize the movement as a national political force.
2. The Say Her Name Campaign raised awareness about police violence against black women.
3. Mizzou student protests against racial enequality lead to university president’s resignation.
4. Campus racism protests forced schools to reckon with their racial history. Some students successfully got administrators to rename buildings that once honored slaveowners.
5. Activists protested the Confederate flag as a symbol of white supremacy and fought for its removal from public spaces. Finally it was removed from the South Carolina statehouse.
6. The issues of the black trans community became widely recognized.
7. Black students at the University of California prompted the school to pull out $30 million from prison investments.
8. The road where Sandra Bland was stopped by police for a traffic violation was renamed in her honor. Two month later she was found dead in her jail.
9. Activists launched Campaign Zero to help combat police violence, reduce their racial bias, undergo better training and wear body cameras at all times to help prevent police violence against black Americans.
10. Black musicians banded together for a benefit concert titled, “Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America” around racial inequality.
11. Activists launched the Police Union Contract Project to help ‘check the police’ to combat police violence against black Americans.

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