Ex-Convict And White Supremacist Runs Over Black Teen With Car

Russell Courtier and his girlfriend killed a Black teen at Gresham. On the 10th of August, 38-year-old Russell Courtier and his girlfriend run down 19-year-old Larnell Bruce with their vehicle, killing him in the process.

Courtier had parked his car on the corner of East Burnside while Larnell Bruce was charging his phone at an outlet by the wall. It is currently unclear what erupted the misunderstanding between the duo. But Courtier was involved in a fight with the 19-year-old Black-American, Bruce.

“Get him, baby,” Hunt urged her boyfriend, “Get him, baby!” 35-year-old Colleen Hunt said, urging his boyfriend on.

Courtier slammed Bruce into the glass window of the front door, breaking the glass. The clerk at the shop called 911 when she noticed that Bruce had reached for something the police described as a machete. Courtier then walked away from the scene and moved into his car with his girlfriend.

As Bruce fled on foot, Courtier chased him with Jeep wrangler car trying to knock him down. He missed the first time and the 19-yearl-old Black boy took to the other way on the sidewalk. The white supremacist changed his direction and begun to chase Bruce again. He chased him and knocked him down. Some few moments later, the police arrived at the scene and found Bruce lying in the middle of the street with blood oozing from his head and ears. Larnell Bruce was declared dead a few days later.

Gresham police noticing the car which was used in perpetrating the crime pulled over Courtier and his wife. The couple admitted to intentionally committing the crime. Both of them have been charged with murder by a grand jury. According to Mercury, Courtier is a notorious criminal who has spent most of his life serving prison terms. He is noted for being an ardent member of EK, a hate group.

The innocent teenager was killed out of a hate racist move. He did nothing to deserve that but they cared less. An image of ‘up-to-no-good’ Black boys seems to prove wrong another time. Fortunately, both of them were caught afterward but another Black man’s life was wasted. Will it be dangerous just to walk down the streets soon?

Source: The Portland Mercury

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